California Orders Statewide Mask Order Starting Tomorrow

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Yesterday, we saw Pennsylvania expunge its mask mandate for the school’s across the state. But, today we’re seeing California order a statewide mask mandate.


And it starts tomorrow.

The coronavirus has been a part of our lives since 2019, but it seems as though we’re a part of its life.

We’ve lost so much throughout the pandemic, including loved 1’s, employment, and a sense of freedom, too. We’ve had to adjust our lives in order to survive the pandemic and do things we’ve not always wanted to do, whether that be locking down for months, working from home, or wearing masks wherever we go.

And the implementation of such rules hasn’t always been met with approval, with some people sharing different opinions, and others even protesting.


But, all of this has become the ‘norm’ for the entire world, even if we all handle it a little differently.

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While some chose to open their borders back up, others chose to keep them shut. When some eradicated mask mandates, others brought them back, including California, which has seen a rapid rise in the cases of the virus.

According to the Los Angeles Times, California’s cases have risen by fifty percent in just over 2 weeks. With the increased risk of the new Omicron variant, the state wants to ensure they will do everything they can to keep people safe.


And California’s health and human services secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly spoke on Monday.

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“This is a critical time where we have a tool that we know has worked and can work,” he said, as per Los Angeles Times.

“We are proactively putting this tool of universal indoor masking in public settings in place to ensure we get through a time of joy and hope — without a darker cloud of concern and despair,” he continued.

This mandate will end on January 15.


It’s not just California that are enforcing this rule, though.

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According to AARP, indoor mandates are required in 9 states including; Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Washington, which all enforce masks upon people who are indoors, whether they’re vaccinated or not.

But California and Connecticut only require those without vaccination to wear masks indoors.

These mandates, still fairly new to some states, come after yet another variant of the coronavirus has been detected in South Africa on November 24 of this year.

In fact, according to The Guardian, the 1st case of the variant in the US was found in California.


And while California insist that it’s mask mandate will hopefully prevent the dulling of Christmas spirit, other people aren’t so sure.

Including Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, who says: “It’s a seasonal pattern. Southern states have a different season and northern states are going through their season.”

He also thinks the mask mandates are not effective, with other people saying that they’re going back to “phase 1.”

What do you think? Are mask mandates useful?