Texas Deputy Attorney General Aaron Reitz apologized on Wednesday after receiving backlash for writing a tweet about Simone Biles being a "national embarrassment" for withdrawing from the team gymnastics final.

Biles admitted that she withdrew because of "mental health" issues only to receive a flood of hate from dozens of people, including Aaron Reitz and Piers Morgan.

Aaron tweeted a video of gymnast Kerri Strug, who competed with an injured ankle to help Team USA win gold in 1996, writing: "Contrast this with our selfish, childish national embarrassment, Simone Biles."

Now, even though Biles has received floods of support after she pulled away from the team final and then decided not to compete in the women's individual all-around gymnastics final in an effort to focus on her mental health, some people just couldn't help but criticize her.

Strug herself tweeted: "Sending love to you Simone Biles-Team UNITED States of America."

Her teammates have also expressed just how proud of her they are, supporting her decision on their social media pages.

"Proud of you & everything you've accomplished! thank you for being a role model and someone I look up to every single day. You not only inspire me as a gymnast but as a person as well. Your fearlessness and ability to do the impossible do not go unnoticed, we love you!!" Sunisa Lee posted.

Biles herself has realized she's "more than her accomplishments," acknowledging the support on her Instagram.

But Reitz went the other way and decided to spark outrage instead, eventually deleting the comment.

On Wednesday he posted an apology:

"My personal social media comments do not represent Attorney General Paxton or the office of the attorney general," the Republican began. "In a moment of frustration and disappointment, I opined on subjects for which I am not adequately versed. That was an error. I can't imagine what Simone Biles has gone through.

"Simone Biles is a true patriot and one of the greatest gymnasts of all time. I apologize to her and wish her well."

But Biles is keeping her head high and taking this time to work on herself.

"There is so much of society that tell us we have to lessen ourselves to make everybody else comfortable and she won't do that."

We support you Simone and hope you are recovering well!