Remember Cameron Diaz? The Mask, Charlies Angels, There's Something About Mary? What Happens In Vegas, In Her Shoes, Annie?

She's one of the biggest names in Hollywood, but where did she go? She simply disapeared from the big screen... Or, you could say, retired.

Her last film was 2014's, Annie. Critics had a mixed response to her performance in the film. Some praising her, others calling her acting a complete over exaggeration.

Following the release of the movie, Diaz decided to take a break from acting, revealing in 2017 that she became 'tired' of travelling for filming.

Now, Diaz has opened up even more, revealing the real reason she called it quits.

Speaking to the Goop founder, Gwyneth Paltrow, Diaz explained that actors are often 'infantilized' and constantly taken care of, adding that she simply just had to take a break from that world.

The star said:

Overwhelming your life becomes so narrow. Everybody's doing things for you and you're catered around. I never felt really, truly comfortable with that. I understood it was part of the job, and for me, I needed to become self-sufficient again.

And it doesn't sound like Diaz will be changing her mind any time soon.

Speaking to Naomi Campbell on her YouTube series, No Filter With Naomi, in October 2020, Diaz said that she's "OK" with not acting for several years.

She told the former supermodel:

There's no part of me that's like, 'I gotta get back in front of the camera' or anything like that ... I don't feel that way. That's not to say I won't someday, but I'm very resolved in where I'm at right now.

And earlier this year, she explained that she wants to focus more on her family and business ventures, saying:

It's just a different time in my life now. Now I'm here and this is the most fulfilling thing that I've ever done in my life. [To] have a family and be married and have our little nucleus of a family. It's just completely the best thing. … I don't have what it takes to give making a movie what it needs to be made. All of my energy is here.

And what's changed since she took a break from acting, well Diaz said that she's 'learned a lot about herself'.

But never say never to a potential comeback.