You Can Buy Microwaveable Slippers to Keep Your Feet Warm

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Winter is a season of many wonderful things, such as Christmas festivities, hot chocolate and snowdrops. The season may be beautiful to admire, but this beauty comes at a price – this price being, that it’s cold all the time! Now every walk down the street, or trip to the shops, has you shaking beneath your coat, and your nose running, because of the untameable cold. However, it only gets worse from there, because now your home has also been transformed into an almighty freezer, leaving you turning blue until the moment the radiator starts working again. Cold feet often become a casualty of this weather, and there are so few ways to assure that your feet stay warm during those cold, winter days, but now there’s a new product on the market that may just be the thing you need.

Cold feet aren’t fun.

It is a known fact that feet are the most sensitive part of the body when it comes to temperature, so it is not fun to have your feet feeling like two blocks of ice have been tied to your legs.

And there’s very little you can do.

Of course, you can wear slippers, or socks, to keep them warm, but often the cold will find a way to creep in.

Blankets sometimes work.

Cold feet can also be combatted by the use of blankets, but often these trusty sheets of material fail to cover your whole body, meaning that your feet often find themselves popping out.

It’s especially worse when you’re sharing the blanket.

Let’s just say, you have more chance of keeping your feet warm, without having to share the blanket with a friend or partner.

Because cold feet can affect them to.

When suffering from cold feet, you will often find that you are not the only one who is affected, as your partner may also find them too much to handle.

Just imagine this…

Imagine being in bed with the person you love and then waking up in a shock when their cold feet slightly brush your leg! You would have a heart attack!

So you need to find a way to keep warm.

So finding a means to stay entirely warm during the winter months is a given, even though it may seem impossible.

However, all of that is beginning to change.

Because there is a new product on the market, guaranteed to make your feet like they are living in the Bahamas.

But what are they?

I bet you’re wondering what these wonderous objects truly are!

Well, they’re slippers.

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But not just any kind of slippers, because these ones can go in the microwave!

That’s right!

The slipper boot, perfectly made to assure the foot and ankle are kept warm, has received nothing but online praise from buyers.

Who have found them to be the perfect gift.

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Many romantic partners have been buying the product for their cold feet lovers, assuring that their feet never go icy again.

Meaning they could be the perfect Valentine’s gift.

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And with Valentine’s Day just gone, these slippers could be the perfect gift for the person you love, even if it is a few days late.

One Husband had this to say.

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Speaking about his purchase of the item, this caring husband had this to say: “Bought these for my wife — who always has cold feet!”

But what did she think?

“She loved them, and more importantly for me — no more cold feet!” I guess that makes it a well-thought out purchase.

So, where can you buy them?

I bet many readers are now wondering where you can purchase these slippers, well they are sold by a website called Prezzybox.

Any more details?

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And for those of you wondering how exactly the item works, here’s some handy information.

The slippers can be microwaved.

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The slippers are able to stay warm by being placed in the microwave. The slippers are made to retain the heat for quite a while, assuring warm feet.

The slippers are also scented.

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To assure that the slippers are relaxing as possible, they are also scented with lavender, meaning that not only will your feet be warm, but they will also feel relaxed and smell much better.

How much are these slippers?

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Now the big question, how much do these slippers cost? Well, Prezzybox is currently selling the slipper boots for $25. Not bad huh?

And the reviews have been nothing but positive.

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Like this lovely review. Looks like we have another popular gift.

The slippers are even saving marriages!

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Okay, so maybe that’s a bit far, but they are definitely couples who have been plagued by cold feet.

Again, this is the perfect gift for a loved one.

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It appears that these slippers are continuing to prove successful with loved-up couples. Why aren’t you already buying yours?

They’re even praising the delivery!

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So I guess this is the website to go to for romantic presents.

Catherine particularly enjoyed them.

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I mean, these slippers would be perfect for snuggling next to the fireplace.

So what do you think?

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Will you be heading over to Prezzybox to buy a pair of these amazing slippers?

Do you think they are worth the money?

Or would you rather spend it on something more affective? Like a heater?

Well, what ever you think, the slipper boot is here to stay.

The popularity of this item proves that it will continue to be made for quite some time.

Why not think about it?

They don’t have to be a Valentine’s Day present, and they would make the perfect Christmas gift.

It’s up to you…

Because there will always be cold feet in need of some warmth!