Summer is coming, and that can only mean one thing! Time to get the pool floats out! In the past, they were simply something for children play with, but, these days, they're a staple item in any good millennial's stock list. The arrival of Instagram has given rise to a whole new kind of fun; the kind that looks good on camera, but is super dull to live...

Whether you want to take photos to make your life look Insta-perfect or you actually want to have fun floating on the water, there's a huge variety of floats that you can choose from! From fruit to plants, animals to Colonel Sanders, there's a float for everyone, and we're going to help you decide which one is for you!

If you're a true millennial, we're sure you'll love the avocado float. You'll see why when you see its removable pit. Check it out at the bottom of the page!

Floating used to be so simple.

Remember the days when floats used to look like donuts? And that was if they were fancy floats. Most of them just looked like rubber tires... These days, float-designers have raised their game.

Last year was the summer of the unicorn.

Were you even around in summer 2k18 if you didn't have a unicorn float? It was the perfect way to take a nap while looking cute and incredibly Instagrammable.

It's easy for a unicorn to lose its sparkle, though.

The life of a unicorn floatie isn't as easy as Instagram makes it seem. And have you tried getting on one? They're pretty high up and it can be difficult to get on the back of them. Sometimes it requires a running leap, and sometimes there are casualties...

Some people make it look so easy.

Pink flamingos are another popular choice. The long neck, much like the unicorn head, gives you something to grab hold of when you launch yourself up there - it seems a little more manageable than some of the other floaties we have lined up! How these girls manage to look so calm, though, is beyond me.

If Khloe can do it, then why can't we?

As if there weren't already enough pictures of gorgeous ladies on pool floats, Khloe Kardashian thrust them back into our minds with this picture. Now we need one.

It's not always an easy ride.

Have you ever tried to inflate a pool float on your own, without a pump? It's hard work. You start to feel dizzy and light-headed, and it can quickly feel like you're never going to be able to inflate it properly. The lengths we go to just so we can have insta-worthy fun, hey?

Last summer, everyone was asking the same question.

Unicorn or flamingo? There was no doubt about needing a pool float, and why would there be? We all know that we want a floatie, we just need to decide which one best sums us up.

Do you like Pina Coladas?

Eve decided to take the bold step of branching out. Instead of a unicorn or flamingo, should she perhaps consider a pineapple?

Nothing says classy lady like a gold swan float.

Or would a gold swan be a better choice?


We choose the pizza slice! There are some things that can't be unseen, and one of those things is a bikini-clad woman riding a slice of pizza across glistening water. Is there anything better than this? (The answer is yes. You won't believe some of the floats coming up.)

Surely this is the best choice...

We love the less serious-Insta pose and the self-mocking concept; the pizza slice float definitely has a lot going for it! Plus, the shape itself is better than a lot of other floats. There's room for a couple of bums at the top, with feet dangling gently in the waters. But it's not the only food-based float worth considering.

Some floats look a little tricky to recline on...

The banana float is more like a mini version of a banana boat, you know, the thing that is all fun and games until you all fly off, at speed, on top of each other. This one looks like it would steal all grace from you at every turn.

This one is a real gem.

Once you're up on this one, you're in way less danger of falling off than you are with some of those other floats! You can approach it from any angle and still have a bit of wriggle room. And it has to be said, it looks pretty cool, too. We're big fans of this one.

But there's always room for improvement.

Okay, so the watermelon float is cool - but can we just take a moment to appreciate this? Look how cute the lil pup is! Although getting him up there must have been tricky... And, presumably, keeping the float hole-free is pretty tough with him around. Maybe there's a reason why most float-related pictures just have only feature human beings...

It can be hard to achieve the perfect snap.

Floats are amazing. You get to tan and chill and keep your feet cool in the water. But they do, by definition, float. And this can make capturing the perfect shot on camera a difficult task. Enter: the best friend.

This one's wonderful.

If you really love your best friend, why not get this double float? The two hearts are too cute! And who would want to float alone when you could be floating with bae?

Okay, maybe sometimes you can enjoy it alone...

This cherry float is great for two people. You each get your own donut ring, and it looks super spacious! But we have to admit, it does look nice as a one person lie-back-and-chill float. We've changed our minds, who needs friends when you've got this?

Demi Lovato shows us how it's done.

This is an insanely good set-up. It's the true picture of an idyllic vacation.

There's something to be said about #DuckLife.

The first thing worth saying is that this float looks a little more like a goose than a duck, but that's not too important. The important thing is how awesomely meta this image is. Having geese around the pool probably wouldn't be the ideal way to relax though...

This is what we need to have fun.

Okay, so you'd need a pretty big pool to enjoy this, but if you have a lake nearby, this is the perfect way to party with your friends. You could spend the afternoon drifting on the water with your music playing and the drinks flowing. What more could you want? This might be the ultimate group float, but if you want one for yourself and still haven't made your mind up, then there are some strong contenders coming up!

Is this what it's supposed to look like?

Big floats are cool, but this one looks decidedly difficult to ride. And it doesn't like it would be conducive to relaxing at all. It is pretty funny though.

Maybe this is what the toucan was aiming to look like...

Have you ever seen anything more ridiculous than a pool float in the shape of Kim Kardashian's bum? The world has gone mad, but we kind of love it. But on a more practical note - how are you supposed to use this? Do you lie on it like the watermelon slice? Or is it more like a pillow to nap on? Very confusing.

This is how it's done.

Now this looks like the picture of relaxing. David Beckham, sunbathing on a peacock float. This is what life is about. This is how to make the most of life. If only we could all share in that moment...

Some floats are decidedly less idyllic.

This one is just a lilo... with a corner missing... in a shade of dark brown. We don't know about you, but we hear ice-cream float and we think it's going to be fun and cute. This is not. This is enough to make you think that maybe ice-cream isn't an amazing invention. But the next float might change your mind.

Now this is how you do an ice-cream float.

Rapper, Gucci Mane pioneered Trap music, and now he's pioneered another new invention: personalized ice-cream cone floats. If an ice-cream cone seems like an odd choice for a rapper, you may have missed the fact that Gucci Mane has a tattoo of an ice-cream on his face. Each to his own.

This one's certainly out of the box.

Lobsters are perfect for the water; it's where they belong. But how good are they as a float? The helpful handle looks like it wouldn't be too hard to get on, but with the different, bulbous parts, it doesn't look ideal for floating. Maybe it would be better to just eat lobster while riding a different float...

Could this be the ultimate float?

One of the main draws of this cactus is that it's kind of human-shaped. That means that it will be perfect for floating on. It's also an awesome color and just generally looks cool. But if it's a green float that you're after, the next one will certainly impress you.

It's the one you've been waiting for!

We're sure you've noticed that over the last few years, there's been something of an avocado-revolution. Yuppies, millennials and Gen Z kids everywhere are just crazy for avos, and now they can take that love to a whole new realm. This is the float we didn't know we needed.

It looks like the perfect float.

It's spacious, it's got a large surface area, and it's a nice summer-y color. But the best thing about this float is undoubtedly the removable pit. None of the other floats come anywhere close to this one because they don't have any kind of game attached. Plus, the hole that the pip leaves would make it easier to get on the float too! It's just winning in every way.

There's always someone who goes too far.

Gucci Mane's float might have been extra, but this Colonel Sanders float is without a doubt the most extravagant float we've seen. Sure it looks comfortable, but you can take capitalist opportunism too far. The avocado is the perfect float, and this is just way too much. What do you think?