You Can Now Buy Half Christmas Trees for Misbehaving Cats

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The holiday season is a sparkly, magical time for most people. Lights are hung, candles are lit, ornaments are dusted off. There are eve those people that have had their trees ready to go since Halloween.

But if you’re a cat person, your holiday preparation looks a little different. Cats usually don’t care about the holiday season and can act like your own household Grinch. Your precious tree is the clearest target for your cats’ focus when it comes to destruction and dismay. It’s like a playground for your feline, perfect for swatting at and climbing on. It’s basically a scratching post that smells fresh and has lots of dangling things to paw at.

But fret not this holiday season, you can now purchase a half tree for Christmas so that you can avoid the drama with your cat. It might stop your furry friend from tearing down your entire tree… or, at least we hope.

False expectations

Cats and Christmas may seem like an adorable combination at first.

An ideal holiday for felines

Look how cute cats look in a Santa suit. It’s like they were made to exist in the holiday season.

A rough reality

But this isn’t a fantasy world; cats are feisty, sassy little creatures that don’t give a flying heck about your meticulously-planned Christmas tree decorations.

Winter is coming

It’s like cats know that Christmas is coming and their mischievousness intensifies.

A true arch nemesis

I don’t know if cats have a deeply-rooted history of hatred towards trees, but it seems like it is their natural instinct to destroy Christmas at all costs.

Destroyer of all joy

This cat has absolutely no remorse about shattering an ornament. It’s like a sick game to him.

Must ruin Christmas joy

Curiosity killed the cat, and then the cat killed the Christmas tree.

Lights out

String lights don’t stand a chance against your cats’ claws. They just see it as a sparkly ball of yarn!

A nice treat

Cats want to use your expensive trees as a treat. They do not care what you think or how much you paid. They do what they want.

More evidence

Cats are always guilty of something. But hardly ever are they shy about it. It seems like they are almost proud of their destructive behavior.

A long history

There are many cat lovers that have years of proof that cats truly hate Christmas trees and we’ve got the compilation videos to prove it.

So what do we do?

After years and years of cats tearing down trees, someone has finally come up with a decent solution.

Meet the Half-Tree

Your Christmas cup is now half-full because of this hilarious but practical invention. A company called Argos is now selling a Half Christmas tree hoping it will prevent your cat from tearing down your full tree.

All the tree you need

This tree stands 6 feet tall and sells for about 40 US dollars. It looks a little odd, but makes sense if you have tiny terror machines lurking, waiting to destroy your holiday joy at home.

Stack your presents!

“If Santa’s been extra generous,” Argos website writes in the description of the tree, “There’s plenty of room to stack pressies underneath rather than scattering them around it.”

We’ve got options

There’s also a snowy tree option to give you that real winter look, if you’re into that.

This is some good stuff

“Keep your perfectly placed baubles, bows and bells out of reach of curious, crawling kids or your cats’ playful paws with this 6ft parasol tree,” Argos proudly writes about their clever invention.

The real deal

Cats all over the world are positively shook over this half tree because it foils all their mischievous plans.

Mischief managed

Cats are going to have to find a new way to ruin Christmas because this half-tree might stop any further torment.

The star of Christmas

Argos thinks their invention is genius, which is hard to argue with after seeing the memes they posted on Twitter.

Can’t stop, won’t stop

Some skeptical cat owners had concerns that this wouldn’t stop their feisty felines.

Challenge accepted

We all know a lot of cats will just see this as a more intense obstacle and make it their mission to destroy this as well.

There are other ways

Of course you can do what this person did and just barricade your entire tree so that way your cat doesn’t stand a chance.

Or this

Or ditch the tree entirely and bow down to your cat by turning their actual scratching post into a tree.

Undercover tree

Here’s another scratching post disguised as a tree, with a cat on top just marking its territory.

Lights, camera, Christmas

Here’s an easy option that might last longer than an actual tree. It’s worth a shot.

A caged tree

If all else fails, just trap your tree in a cage and submit to your cat, knowing that it will always be the king of your home.

The naked tree

If you must have a tree and the half tree isn’t your thing, then you can do a naked tree. Looks weird, but it’s better than no tree at all.

Prevention is key

If the half-tree or the naked tree aren’t really your thing, there are some things you can do to protect your real tree.

A bad taste for your cat

You can spray the bottom branches with a bitter, anti-chew product to keep those cat teeth off the tree.

Protect your feline friend

Make sure to keep that tree water covered because ingestion of the sap could make your cat really sick and they will be tempted to lap up the water at the base of your tree.

Inevitable torment

No matter what, our cats are still going to try and attack that tree and take down every single ornament.

Cats act shook

They will always act so shocked that they are getting in trouble for the millionth time. Will they ever understand? Probably not. Will they ever stop? Definitely not.


Cat owners are loyal and know that their furry friends are troublemakers, but are still worthy of being loved.

An annoyingly adorable combination

Whether you get a half-tree, a fake tree or a real tree, your cat will always try to destroy it. Make sure to keep your feline friends safe this holiday season and share this article with all your cat-loving friends.