You Can Now Buy a Tortilla Blanket so You Can Turn Into a Real Life Burrito | 22 Words

We thought we'd seen it all, but evidently, we were wrong.

There's such a thing as a "burrito blanket" and people are going crazy over them.

And who can blame them?

It's been long-time dream of ours to become a human burrito, and now this fantasy can finally become a reality thanks to Zen Life, the creators of the "tortilla blanket".

Shaped like a massive tortilla, this blanket is literally the best thing since sliced bread.

And it's even better when a baby's wrapped up in one! Check out the cutest picture you will ever see in your entire life at the bottom of the page.

Who doesn't love to be cozy?

We often spend hours wishing that we were still babies, snuggled up in onesies, surrounded by pillows with not a care in the world. And, of course, there's the added bonus of being actively encouraged to sleep for fourteen hours a day. Unfortunately, we are adults and real life must go on.

But that doesn't mean that we don't have days when we feel fragile and in need of a cuddle.

Whether we are feeling cold, emotionally drained or something else entirely, sometimes, we just need a hug. Or to get completely plastered.

But wearing the entire contents of your wardrobe isn't the only way to feel warm and cozy on both the inside and on the outside.

Sometimes layers are the way to go, especially if you are on the move, but if you are looking for a more chilled experience, then you need another item altogether.

Enter: the humble blanket.

One of man's most ingenious and well-loved creations. There are very few situations that can't be made better by a quick snuggle with one of these cuddly covers.

We mean, who doesn't love to curl up on the sofa with a family-size bar of chocolate and your favorite blankey?

We would literally never leave the house if we had this awesome Friends blanket. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. LMAO.

These dudes love blankets so much they made a dance about it.

The Blanket Dance is probably one of the most surreal things we have ever seen. Don't get us wrong, we love it, but it's odd. Very odd.

And our four-legged friends like to get in on the action too.

It's a hard life being a dog, and some days you just need to chillax. Just because they're covered in fur, doesn't mean they don't appreciate a good blanket session, too. Although this picture isn't quite as cute as the picture of the cozy little baby coming up!

This pooch is definitely not feeling the love, though.

Maybe it's the feeling of confinement, or perhaps blue is just not his color. Either way, he looks seriously perturbed by the situation.

Let's not forget about our feline friends.

That's right. Tuck me in. Not too tightly. Don't forget Minnie! Ahh perfect! Now stroke me human, stroke me.

How adorable is this little mermaid?

We simply adore mermaid blankets. Not only do they look super cozy but they make for the perfect Instagram picture. This little girl looks too cute, but just wait until you see the baby burrito!

Check out this portable blanket that you can keep in your pocket.

Perfect for impromptu picnics, days at the beach or even for long car journeys, this pocket blanket is a decent sixty-three inches long and can be folded up into the size of your hand. We definitely need one of these in our lives.

Calling all Harry Potter fans!

Who isn't a fan of the wizarding world of Harry Potter? And we just love this Maurander's Map blanket! Now we can combine two of our favorite things: Harry Potter and cozying up on the sofa with a top-notch blanket. Our lives are now complete. And just wait until you see the Games of Thrones one . . .

A personalized blanket is always a good call.

We can just imagine this little fella getting all confused . . . "Am I looking in a mirror?" "Oh, look new friends for me to play with." Hours of entertainment for both pet and owner.

Now this one's a bit naughty.

But it's a good way to remind yourself what a bed is actually for. Despite sleeping that is. Although going 'at it like tigers' doesn't quite have the same ring to it...

Perfect for when winter is coming...

And here it is. The Game of Thrones blanket in all its glory. It's almost too impressive to snuggle under. It deserves to be mounted on the wall or something equally fitting to its status as the most kick-ass blanket ever. But we're sure one quick cuddle won't hurt.

We wouldn't dare come between this cat and her blanket.

As much as we love toilet humor, the look in this feline's eyes is enough to send us hiding underneath our own, inferior blanket. It just looks so soft.

We now come to the food and beverage section.

Who doesn't need a pizza blanket in their life? The only snag is that we would be constantly craving pizza. In fact, we might have to just go out and get one now. Don't worry we won't be long.

For the more health conscious among us.

We are loving this avocado blanket. It's perfect for a millenial cuddle session.

Hello, wine. Goodbye problems.

Definitely a girl after our own hearts. There is literally nothing that a large glass of wine and a big blanket cannot fix. And combining the two is pure genius.

Now the burrito blanket has hit the headlines and it's all thanks to one Twitter-user.

Coming home from a hard day, Katrina was ecstatic to find a package waiting for her that contained her very own burrito blanket. Looking exactly like a massive tortilla, these blankets look good enough to eat.

And unsurprisingly, everyone wants one.

We couldn't agree more, Laura. We definitely need one of these in our lives.

This dude is saying what we are all thinking.

Imagine this. You're hungover. You can't summon the energy to get out of bed. But you're hungry. Scrap that, you're starving. How long do you think you'd be able to resist the urge to eat your burrito blanket? One hour? Ten minutes? No judgment here.

Hungover munchies aside, others have now taken to social media to share their burrito blanket moments.

Ahh, don't they both look so happy? To be fair, who wouldn't be happy all rolled up like a human burrito?

Men, in particular, seem keen to share their snuggling sessions.

"I can rock this blanket standing up, chilling on my sofa and I can even use it wrapped up as a pillow!" Being cozy is officially the new cool.

Even peoples' pets are getting involved.

How much do we want to roll this cat like a little burrito? On second thoughts . . . a cat burrito?

Where can I buy one of these bad boys we hear you ask?

Originally made by a company called Zen Life, it was available on Amazon but sadly, and unsurprisingly, it has since sold out. How could they let this happen? Luckily for you, though, we've managed to find a very similar (and slightly less expensive) one on Amazon!

Others feel our pain too.

How can something so amazing be so near, but yet so far? We kind of wish Katrina had never shared her new purchase with the world now.

But some people have taken the notion of swaddling too far.

What the actual f*ck are these people doing? Actually, it kind of looks like fun...

Comforting or weird?

Surely there has got to be a better way to beat stress than creating an environment that feels like you are back in the womb...

And now, the picture you've been waiting for.

A baby burrito is possibly the cutest thing we have ever seen in our entire lives. Ever! And this one even comes with optional dips. Result!