You Can Now Buy White Glitter Crocs for Your Wedding Day

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All kinds of questionable and downright awful shoes have seen the light, and they definitely shouldn’t have. Instagram user, @crimesagainstshoemanity, has started an account for the sole purpose of warning fellow shoe wearers of these sinners. Not even Lady Gaga would dare to put on the ones that we’re about to show you…

Crocs is one shoe brand that’s known for causing controversy in the fashion world with its comfortable, yet questionable, designs.

Within just one year, the brand has shocked us at least three times. We’ve seen high-heeled crocs, crocs with fanny packs, and even goth crocs.

But we were shook when we found out that glitter crocs exist.

You can get them in regular colors, like red and yellow, or you can go for more unique designs: camouflage, rainbow, and bridal white. But even though they may be comfortable walking down the aisle, people were not into the idea.

Keep reading to see the fun designs and the hilarious things that Facebook users had to say about the bridal Crocs.

For every gorgeous pair of shoes, there must be an ugly sibling.

The following designs are so bad that you won’t know whether to laugh or question the sanity of today’s society.

There’s an Instagram account dedicated to showing us the worst of the worst.

No shoe fashion criminal slips past @crimesagainstshoemanity’s eyes. They see everything.

For example, someone decided that they needed grass with them at all times and these have made the @crimesagainstshoemanity’s list:

Follower Bornfromragevirus wrote, “I’d smoke these,” and for this reason, we hope that the shoes come with proper warnings.

We call these “Why?”

Curl69 said, “When you want to go barefoot in secret!” Spicyred1977: “Sweet Jesus…..that nasty.” Couldn’t agree more.

These are for when regular heels just don’t say “romance” enough.

They’re so over-the-top that @crimesagainstshoemanity even wrote, “Putting the hoe back in shoes.”

At least these ones are useful.

Someone has tried them out already. Mirkerry: “Omg my ex & I had these ? they were so cool ?”  

“From Katniss to KatYASS,” says @crimesagainstshoemanity.

These are great when you’re sick of your old boots and don’t want to contribute to pollution by throwing them away, but then remember that you also like to hunt.

What’s more urban than pigeons?

Beware though – someone might try to feed your shoes.

Finally, we have noodle shoes.

@Crimesagainstshoemanity: “Send noods.” They look so unstable that it gave follower Snoseezyn anxiety.

But do you know which brand specializes in shocking people with their shoe designs? Good old Crocs.

The Sun compares Crocs to Marmite – you either love them or absolutely hate them.

The brand has a long history of sparking controversy online.

They’ve had designs with “clip-on jewels, lined fur insoles, and even made into high heels.”

Recently they got Twitter upset over a pair of Crocs with mini fanny packs attached to them.

The new design was the result of Crocs’ collaboration with Japanese fashion brand, Beams.

The Crocs are available in “a bright teal with a purple strap pouch.”

But there’s also the reverse option – purple sandals with teal fanny packs. The problem is, what are the fanny packs for? Crocs believe that they’re very practical; you can carry small items with you with the help of the pouches.

But will they really save you space when you’re packing your cabin bag?

Someone joked, “Crocs, cargo shorts, a bum-bag and you’re ready for summer – but the bum-bag is for all the extra condoms that you won’t be needing.”

The Crocs cost fifty-three dollars and are available only in Japan on the Beams website.

But the fanny pack pairs aren’t the only Crocs that don’t make sense.

Remember the black goth Crocs with spikes and chains on them?

“The practical shoe has been given a hardcore makeover, so you can do your housework and look cool at the same time,” The Sun writes.

And they’re far from cheap.

The shoes themselves cost $248. But if you want the spikes and chains, i.e. the things that make these Crocs cool, too, you’ll have to pay $270.

They’re of high-quality though.

The shoes are made by Chris S, or @garbage_b0y, and his website assures, “The spikes are nickel plated and the chain is high sheen stainless steel.” Know any goths or punks who might be in need of these?

And now, the glitter Crocs.

They make quite the statement.

You can find them at “Princess Pumps” on Etsy.

And they come in various colors and designs. From pink, red, purple and yellow to rainbow, camouflage, and even bridal white.

“Looking for unbeatable comfort with a hint of sparkle?” the website says.

“Enjoy these flashy crystal sequin CROCS at home or work! You won’t find these in stores!”

Princess Pumps sells them in kids’ sizes too.

Although cheaper than the goth pair, these are still quite expensive. Kids’ shoes cost eighty-two dollars a pair!

But for adults, it’s $103.

Princess Pumps promises quick delivery and shoes that are true to size. However, for those with half-sizes, they suggest ordering half a size smaller ones. The following four designs are their best-sellers.

Starlight Camo Crocs.

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if army clothing had a little fun shimmer to it? Now you know.

Starlight Red Crocs.

These are for those who are not afraid of a challenge, because it can’t be easy to find matching clothes for casual sparkly red shoes.

Rainbow Crocs.

It’s a different story with these. They’re not meant to be matched.

Bridal Starlight Crocs.

These are great for two reasons: they’re definitely more comfortable than high heels and they will ensure that all eyes will be on the bride only.

But not everyone is on board with the new glittery Crocs, especially not with the bridal ones.

Looby Loo Anderson wrote on Facebook, “I swear if someone tags me in this they’ll be removed from the guest list!!”

Leanne Megaw: “Enough to get ditched at the altar!”

Fiona Uí Sionnaigh said, “But you can never get your dignity back after wearing them ???”

Steph Johnson: “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

James Merrett: “Only to hear the words ‘I don’t’ and then see the groom walk away never to look at you or your Crocs again.” But at the end of the day, it’s your wedding and you can do whatever you please with it. Even wear Crocs to it. We suppose…