Can You Find All the Sloths This Guy Hid In His Friend’s Dating Profile?

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It can be hard choosing pictures for your online dating profile, which is why Redditor Tehcuda agreed to help his buddy out as a virtual wingman, of sorts.

Well, kind of.

How was he able to do this?

“He asked if I could ‘edit his photos’ like, fine tune them,” he wrote.

Aside from the sloths, Tehcuda only worked his photo skills on the photo of his friend holding the rose. How very Bachelor of him…

Apparently he didn’t even notice until the post blew up on Reddit, at which point Tehcuda fessed up.

I mean, ladies do love the sloths.

“In all honesty, he’s the best wingman Ive ever met,” Tehcuda wrote. “Incredibly charismatic and hilarious. So if I found him a date on here. I’d simply be paying it forward. Taking applications now.”