Can You Find the Cats Expertly Hiding in These 24 Photos? | 22 Words

When it comes to house pets, cats have a reputation for often avoiding front-and-center attention. Which makes them pretty savvy when it comes to camping out in inconspicuous locations.

As you'll see, they can make themselves incredibly well-hidden around the house and outside. I'm not sure they rival chameleons, but as you'll see from these stupefying images, they can leave onlookers at a total loss.

Where there's food...

Must not be a house cat!

I'm at a total loss for where the hidden cat is in this one.

"Hey neighbor!"

Birdseye view...of a cat.


I see about fourteen things that could be mistaken for cats.

Don't step on it!

When the TV watches back...

Uh, a little help?

Hint: It's inverted.

A soft blanket just got softer.

Under cover of daylight...

Well, this one isn't too hard.

"Don't mind me."

This won't end well.

This took longer than I'd like to admit.

Whoa. Nightcrawler.

It sees all...

Don't just go ploppin' down.

Lots of good hiding spots in this cluttered room.

Step 1: Find shelter.

Curious to see how that is accessed by any animal.

"Whatcha doin'?"