Can You Guess How Much Money Kim Kardashian Made in the First Hour of Selling her Paris Robbery-Inspired Perfume?

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Kim Kardashian’s perfume may have been inspired by her Paris robbery, but after reports of her day one profits, the whole thing is smelling like highway robbery to us. Then again, we definitely didn’t realize how many people were willing and ready to shell out $35 and $60 a pop for a faux-crystal bottle filled with fragrances they haven’t even smelled yet.

The Kardashian effect, we guess?

Anyhoo, here’s how it all went down.

It was a terrible, terrible event that left Kim extremely scared. She retreated from social media, stopped going to appearances, and stopped the filming of her show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

You know, the very Hollywood-shi-shi practice of using crystals to “open up your channels.” (Honestly, we don’t know why we just put “open up your channels” in quotation marks but it seemed like the thing to do.)

Nevertheless, Kim emerged from her fear like a butterfly emerges from its cocoon, fresh with a new idea – why not do a new perfume in the shape of a crystal?

So she made a limited edition trio of perfumes – Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Oud and Crystal Gardenia Citrus – which she would sell only 300,000 bottles of, as part of her new KKW Beauty Brand.

As to the smell of the fragrances, no one knows, but Kim K fans are going to have to trust that their goddess has excellent olfactory sensibilities. (We’ve always wanted to casually drop that phrase – “olfactory sensibilities”) So… just how much did Kim’s fans drop on her perfume trio the very first day?

The fragrances are actually on track to sell out by Thursday, so rush out and order it, if you haven’t already… Or, you know, just wait and buy a perfume you actually like, because you’ve actually smelled it.

Kim K is still and will always be the reigning queen of the Kardashian brand-empire-monotholith-dark-Sith-Lord-dynasty. Go Kim!