Can You Tell Who the Moms and Daughters Are In These Confusing Pics?

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If you’re looking for proof, check out the below pics of moms and daughters. It’s nearly impossible to tell who’s the older generation. You’ll be lucky to hit 50%, but go for it and see if you’ve got an eye for picking out the older (or younger) women.

Two girls, twenty-five and twenty-six, with their forty-one-year-old mom, who’s in the middle.    

Mom, forty-two, is on the left. On the right is her twenty-two-year-old daughter.    

Mom, forty-three, is on the right. On the left is her twenty-year-old daughter.    

Mom, forty-four, is on the right. Her twenty-one-year-old daughter’s on the left.  

The daughter, twenty-one, is on the right. Mom, forty-five, is on the left.    

Mom, forty-seven, is on the right. Daughter, eighteen, is on the left.    

Twenty-seven-year-old daughter is on the…right. Mom, fifty, is on the left.    

Mom, fifty-two, is on the right (She’s model Yasmin Le Bon), and her twenty-seven-year-old daughter is on the left.    

Mom, fifty-three, is on the right and the daughter, twenty-three, is on the left.

Mom, sixty, is model Jerry Hall (on the left) and daughter, Lizzy Jagger, is on the right. She’s also the daughter of rock legend Mick Jagger.