Cancun Offering Free Hotels, Meals and Theme Park Entry to Vacationers | 22 Words

The tourism industry has taken a very hard hit from the global pandemic, but Cancun in Mexico has come up with a way to get their tourism back - and that's by offering freebies.

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It seems that vacationing is off the cards for us all this year.

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Thanks to the global pandemic, traveling in and out of the country is now a big no-go.

And even for those who have had vacations pre-booked in advance...

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The majority simply won't be happening due to the terrifyingly fast spread of the virus.

Of course, millions of people around the world have been left feeling bitterly disappointed...

But this is a matter of life or death, sadly.

Us frustrated holiday-makers aren't the only ones losing out...

Every single person who works in the travel and tourism industry has taken a massive hit right now.

This includes people who work in hotels and popular tourist attractions...

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There is now absolutely no business coming in... anywhere.

It's safe to say that the tourism industry is starting to panic...

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And a recent offer in Cancun, Mexico, certainly proves this.

Cancun is a vacationing hotspot.

Known for its soaring temperatures, luscious beaches, and insane nightlife, the Mexican city is a tourist favorite.

It's a pretty stunning location...

And you're guaranteed an amazing vacation if you decide to holiday in this spot.

But a vacation in Cancun doesn't come cheap.

The holiday destination is known for its lavish hotels and luxurious beaches... and we all know that these kinds of things don't come cheap.

People are always more than happy to pay a little bit extra for a vacation in Cancun, but thanks to the pandemic, this has all changed.

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This means that Mexico will now be losing out on a hell of a lot of money.

Things simply can't continue like this...

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And the Mexican government has made their plans to reopen tourism in Cancun from the 8th of June very clear.

A private scheme has been put in place to try and draw tourists back in...

The new initiative will launch on 15 June and it will involve freebies from numerous businesses in Cancun.

Yep, you heard that right.

Over 200 businesses have come together to offer freebies in a desperate bid to reboot their tourism industry.

Free hotels and meals, as well as golf, theme park, and hire car deals will be offered.

The hotels involved will offer 2 nights free for every 2 nights booked, or a free stay for 2 children when 2 adults book.

There are also hopes to have a similar scheme for hire cars...

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So holidaymakers would get 2 days free rental for every 2 days they hire the car for.

It's an interesting concept...

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Roberto Cintron, President of the CancĂșn, Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres Hotels Association, said: "We are very happy and above all, committed because of the great participation in this campaign of the different state hotel associations as well as the tourist industry generally."

Cancun needs this scheme.

"It's designed to reactivate holidays to our destinations after the crisis caused by Covid-19."

Business owners are worried that tourists will forget about the Mexican holiday spot.

Oliver Reinhart, the CEO of Mexican firm Atelier de Hoteles which has hotels in Cancun and Playa Mujeres, told local media: "In the face of this atypical situation, we had to react to maintain our spectacular destinations in the forefront of tourists' minds."

Reinhart feels these deals will help get the industry back on its feet.

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"This is why we proposed the implementation of a disruptive idea and creation of a campaign of great impact," he went on to say. "We are convinced the formula to reactivate tourism is working together."

Only time will tell to see how the tourism industry will cope...

But we most certainly know where our next vacation destination will be! Make sure to keep scrolling to read about the couple who recreated their cruise that got canceled in their front room...