Candace Cameron Bure's daughter turned twenty-three on Sunday, August 15th and the actress celebrated her eldest child with some incredible look-alike photos.

"Happy 23rd birthday to this beauty," the Full House alum, forty-five, captioned an Instagram slideshow with the birthday girl. "I love you my Tashi."

Daughter Natasha commented on the social media upload: "I love you!!"

The mother-daughter pairing stood side-by-side in the photos, both rocking denim jumpsuits in the first picture and posing on a rooftop in the second.

Instagram commenters immediately pointed out the similarities between the two with one noting that the Dancing Through Life author and her daughter "look like sisters," adding, "Hard to tell which one is turning twenty-three, if you didn't know already."

Other followers call the pair "twins" and said they could "both pass for twenty-three."

Candace shares Natasha with her husband Valeri Bure. They also have 2 sons Lev, twenty-one, and Maksim, nineteen.

Natasha is well aware of her facial similarities with her mother. She has previously joked about looking like her mom, posting a family photo with Candace: "My parents really said copy and paste," she joked via Instagram back in June.

Candace and her husband, a former professional hockey player, have been married since 1996 however their love still beats strong. So strong they reveal they try not to "gross-out" their kids with PDA, she exclusively told Us Weekly in June 2021.

"I actually censor myself a lot," the Dancing With the Stars alum explained at the time. "So sometimes, we very innocently tease them just with kissing and stuff. They're like, 'Please take it somewhere else.'"

The former View co-host added that she isn't opposed to sharing her clothes with Natasha — but not the other way around.

"I think your daughter can borrow your clothes, and I don't think mom should borrow the daughter's clothes because they're probably a little too short and a little too tight," the Kind Is the New Classy author explained to Us. "Probably not what we moms should be wearing... I don't ever ask to borrow her [outfits]."

Natasha praised her mom in May 2019 for setting the best "example on how to be kind, work hard. and just have fun with life." She wrote via Instagram: "I love this woman so much."