‘Candy Cane’ Is the Sweetest Hair Color To Try for Christmas

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It seems like there’s always a new beauty trend that makes us stop and go, “Huh?”

For instance, there was the time that “furry nails” seemed like they were going to be a thing. No, thank you. Or how about the time that KFC released edible nail polish that was “finger-licking good.” Ummm, sure. That’s fine, we guess.

But the latest trend that has taken the internet by storm? Candy cane hair …

Whether it’s the newest eyeshadow palette that every beauty fanatic needs or some cosmetic procedure fad, it doesn’t take long for a trend to do the rounds.

Not all of them have a positive reaction…

The trend saw beauty influencers drawing their eyebrows on in a wavy pattern, leaving many of us slightly baffled.

Although often there was a little help from Facetune too…

Many speculated that a tiny bit of editing had a part to play in getting the wavy brow effect.

Holiday-themed beauty? We’re here for it …  

We’re all about being festive, but this is definitely taking things to a new level. Apparently, in order to rock Christmas tree eyebrows, you’ve got to decorate them. You know, similar to how you would decorate a Christmas tree.

It’s definitely out there, nobody’s denying that. But we can kind of imagine seeing this look at a holiday party.

Now that’s what we call a Christmas tree eyebrow. If you’re going to go for it, why not go all the way?!

Simply search the hashtag “#ChristmasTreeEyebrows” and you can see just how many people are trying them out. The look doesn’t seem too complicated to do, which is probably why it’s so popular.

You can just hole up in your room in front of the mirror and go to town. It sure beats talking to your uncle about politics, right?

And it’s getting a mixed reaction …

And it’s a thing of beauty.

The mix of tones is super festive.

Like a classic candy cane.

As Instagram proves!

But each look is super festive.

And … oddly refreshing?

Check out that twist!

When the hair gets braided.

For the perfect festive twist.

Looking like a Christmas tree!

Is that you?

Switching it up!

Easy to hide at work, too!

Looking like a Christmas centerpiece.

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