A Washington, D.C. police officer who was beaten during the Jan 6th U.S. Capitol riot has detailed the moment that he begged for his life, telling rioters "I've got kids."

As the House select committee hearing for the January 6th Capitol riot took place on Tuesday, police officer Michael Fanone gave an emotional testimony in which he spoke about how he and other officers were beaten and assaulted, nearly to their death.

On the day of the Capitol Hill riot - where 5 people were killed and more than 140 were injured - Fanone was dragged down the stairs, beaten and shocked with a stun gun while defending the Capitol from the mob of Trump supporters outside who were trying to get inside. As a result of the trauma that Fanone experienced, he suffered a heart attack and has since been living with post-traumatic stress disorder.

As part of the hearing, Fanone's body camera footage was played showing the moment he was grabbed, beaten, and left unconscious.

The footage hears Fanone's scream as one rioter clearly says: "I got one."

"Don't hurt him. We're better than this," a voice shouts from the crowd.

At one point in the video, Fanone can also be heard pleading for the rioters to let him go as he says: "I have kids."

Fanone went on to testify saying in his opening statement: "I was at risk of being stripped of and killed with my own firearm, as I heard chants of 'kill him with his own gun.' I can still hear those words in my head today."

"I was aware enough to recognize I was at risk of being stripped of and killed with my own firearm. I was electrocuted again and again and again with a taser. I'm sure I was screaming, but I don't think I could even hear my own voice," he later said.

Fanone explained that he considered using his firearm, but he knew the crowd could use it as justification to kill him.

"I thought about using my firearm... But I knew if I did, I'd be quickly overwhelmed & in their minds that would provide them w/the justification for killing me," he said. "So instead I decided to appeal to any humanity they might have. I said as loud as I could, 'I've got kids.'"

During the hearing, Fanone was also critical of the politicians who had downplayed the violence of the riots and who chose not to be present.

"I feel like I went to hell and back to protect them, and too many in this room … are now telling me that hell doesn't exist or hell actually wasn't that bad," he said, as per the Guardian.

He also branded those who had attempted to downplay the violence as "disgraceful.