Man Charged in Capitol Riots Leaves Reporter Speechless With Extreme Conspiracy Theory

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A man who has been charged with taking part in the Capitol Riots has recently left a reporter speechless after he made some pretty extreme comments.

CNN reporter Drew Griffin interviewed Couy Griffin for Anderson Cooper 360 on Friday in what has been described as an “unsettling” report.

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During the interview, Couy relayed some wild conspiracy theories in which he admitted that he didn’t believe there were any deaths during or post the riots that took place on January 6th.
We know this to be untrue as it was reported that 5 people had tragically lost their lives during the insurrection a few weeks after the Presidential Elections in November.

Two of the casualties included police officer, Brian Sicknick and rioter Ashli Babbitt.

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Sicknick died just a day after fending off rioters at the Capitol building. He suffered 2 strokes and then succumbed to natural causes while Babbitt was shot at the scene by an unidentified officer after she tried to break into the building via a window.

Drew asked if he believed “Officer Sicknick died because of the riot” to which he replied, “”I’m not even so sure that Officer Sicknick’s even dead.”

The CNN Reporter looked gobsmacked as Couy gave his response.
And that wasn’t all as he continued with his conspiracy theories, even revealing that he didn’t believe that Ashli Babbitt had died either.
“I’m serious. That’s, that’s how – and I hate to be so crazy conspiracy-minded … I’m not even so sure Ashli Babbitt is dead.”

The avid Trump supporter and founding member of Cowboys for Trump then tried to convince the reporter that what he was saying had a strong foundation by saying: “Have you seen anything of any of her family?”

And Drew literally cut to an interview involving Babbitt’s brother in which he was speaking about the loss of his sister.

The interview then panned back to the studio where the CNN reporter slammed Couy as “far off the rails” and even referred to him as “brainwashed.”

​”He is out there. He still believes this stuff,” he added.
The rioter was initially arrested for his alleged role in the Capitol Riots back in early January.  He has obviously denied the federal charges he’s been accused of but the evidence against him (including a live broadcast depicting him at the scene) says otherwise. It was even confirmed by The Daily Beast that Couy had met the former President “several” times.
Let’s just hope he’s learned his lesson, even if it was the hard way.