Capitol Rioter Represents Himself in Court and Accidentally Admits to More Crimes

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One of the rioters from January 6th has landed himself in even hotter water in court this week…

Now, the events from January 6th still haunt us to this day.

As a joint session of Congress convened to formally count the Electoral College votes and certify Joe Biden’s election win, lawmakers were forced to shelter in place and evacuate as pro-Trump rioters broke into the U.S Capitol Building.

Scenes were truly shocking.

Breaking windows, doors, and furniture along with chants of “stop the steal!”

The rioters quickly went viral.

And photos showing them looting objects, such as the lectern of U.S. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, quickly started circulating online.

Things went from bad to worse.

And the world watched on, transfixed, as more and more rioters continued to spill into the Capitol and clash with police.

Even Trump got involved.

The former president was repeatedly urged to appear on national television to order his supporters to stand down.

He instead issued a series of half-hearted tweets…

Where he reminded the rioters that the police and law enforcement was “on our side,” and to “remain peaceful.”

Trump’s behavior resulted in him being banned from all social media platforms…

And, as control was regained in the Capitol and the cleanup began, an impeachment investigation was launched into the former president for the role he played in the riots.

Of course, the aftermath of the event has been nothing short of unbelievable…

​And, as the months have trickled by, more and more rioters have been named, shamed, and reprimanded for their actions. 

But today, new information from the attack has been circulating.

As a writer decided to represent himself in court …

Brandon Fellows, of Albany, New York, was warned against the action.

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And based on what happened, it’s not difficult to see why…

“I do not think this is a good idea… But I’m going to allow you to take the stand, if you wish,” the judge said to Fellows, who was charged with allegedly breaking into the US Capitol through a broken window and smoking marijuana in Senator Jeff Merkley’s office.

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And during his speech, he actually ended up incriminating himself further.

Fellows revealed the various ways in which he’s tried to get the case thrown out.

Including claiming he was struggling with his mental health and drug use.

But even worst, he actually admitted to 2 more felony crimes.

These were contacting the judge’s wife, and missing court-ordered mental health appointments.

“You’ve admitted to incredible lapses of judgment here on the stand, not least of which was seeking to disqualify a New York state judge,” the judge told Fellows.

I bet he’s really regretting that decision…