Man Who Sat at Nancy Pelosi’s Desk During Capitol Riots Has Lost His Job as a Window Salesman

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Richard Barnett, the man who put his feet up on the desk of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the January 6th Capitol Riot, has lost his job as a window salesman and is now asking for his release conditions to be changed for his new job as he’s apparently struggling to make ends meet because of it.

Barnett was famously photographed disrespectfully putting his feet onto Pelosi’s desk – a move that consequently got him arrested.

Now facing criminal charges, Barnett claims he has lost his job as a window salesman and is struggling to earn a living at his new job.

Since losing his job as window salesman following his participation, Barnett has been earning a living flipping classic cars, TMZ reports.

However, due to Barnett’s current fifty-mile restriction imposed by courts and his rural location, he’s been struggling to make ends meet.

So, attorneys for Barnett have requested to a judge that they allow Barnett to travel more than fifty miles from his home for work.

Attorneys claims that he often has to go upwards of 200 miles to find, negotiate and sell the classic cars but with his current fifty-mile restriction, it simply isn’t possible.

So, while his case is pending, they request Barnett has a longer restriction as part of the conditions of his release in order for him to earn a living and be able to provide for his family.

A decision is yet to be made on the request.

The Capitol Hill riot took place on January 6th…

And the world was shocked as thousand of Trump supporters stormed the prestigious building in protest of the 2020 election and unleashed havoc in the weeks running up to President Biden’s inauguration.

The effects of that day left 5 people, including 1 police officer, dead and hundreds of others seriously injured.