We have to give it to her: Cardi B is the Queen of outrageous outfits. There's no denying that. The rapper has ruffled feathers (sometimes quite literally...) with her fashion statements in the past, with her fans living for her brash and lucrative outfits.

Well, it seems, now, that there has finally been an outfit that wasn't quite up to the challenge of containing the rapper. During a concert on Sunday night, Cardi's jumpsuit exploded open. On stage. Quite possibly every performer's worst nightmare, right?

But, Cardi being Cardi, she handled the situation amazingly and went on to finish her set in nothing but a white bathrobe. It sounds too ludicrous to be true, doesn't it? Well, thankfully, there's video footage and a whole load of images of the incident. Thank God for the internet.


Cardi B is exploding with sass.

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With her explicit lyrics and brazen behavior both on and off stage, Cardi B has certainly made a name for herself in the world of music.

Though this hasn't made her shy of success.

Cardi's crude lyrics and overall overwhelming stage presence certainly haven't stopped her from succeeding; they've done quite the opposite, in fact. Throughout her career, she has bagged herself a Grammy, 7 Billboard Awards, 3 MTV Music Awards and 2 Guinness World Record Awards. Not too shabby for Cardi.

And she is completely self-made.

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That always makes you appreciate someone a little bit more, doesn't it? Born in the Bronx, NY, Cardi - real name: Belcalis Almanzar - came from a life of domestic violence and poverty and had to resort to stripping to make ends meet.

Vine and Instagram changed her life.

She first found fame when some of her posts on Vine and Instagram went viral, catapulting her to instant stardom. Her stage name, Cardi B, came from her family nickname... Bacardi. Quite fitting, don't you agree?

And her raunchy outfits have certainly raised some eyebrows.

Cardi has never been one to shy away from the spotlight and has often flaunted her assets in revealing and figure-hugging outfits both on and off the stage.

Because if you've got it...

Flaunt it, right?

You have to admire her confidence.

Part of Cardi's overall image is her sassy attitude. She's never afraid to speak her mind and is always open to experimenting with new and outlandish looks. And we have to say, she's completely slaying it.

A bit of nudity has never scared her.

Cardi has posed in the nude several times in the past and is always keen to show off her body after various cosmetic procedures (breast implants and liposuction, just to name a few).

So a little wardrobe malfunction was never going to faze this girl.

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It seems that we've finally found a costume that couldn't handle all that twerking.

The incident happened on Sunday night.

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Cardi was performing at the Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival, in Manchester, Tennessee.

She was given a forty-five minute set at the festival.

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And she wasted no time in blasting out some of her iconic tracks, such as "I Like It," "Money," and "Bodak Yellow".

The show initially began with no hiccups.

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A couple of songs into her set, Cardi entered the stage in a shimmering, skin-tight, rainbow patterned jumpsuit. Typical Cardi style, obviously.

But then, disaster struck.

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Cardi is clearly too bootylicious to handle. Her jumpsuit literally ripped open across her backside.

Cardi hastily exited the stage...

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Not that we necessarily blame her. No one, not even Cardi, wants their ass hanging out on stage for the whole world to see.

But she quickly made her grand re-entrance...

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In a bathrobe. Due to the short time-slot, Cardi clearly had no time to get changed into a new costume. So, not to disappoint her fans, she opted to continue her set in the first thing that she could find. Addressing the excitable crowd, Cardi declared, "We gonna keep it moving, baby. We gonna keep it sexy."

And sexy, she kept it.

In typical Cardi fashion, she didn't keep the gown on for long. She gradually began teasing it off - much to the crowd's delight.

Cardi kept the robe on for the rest of her set.

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Well, kind of. The actual bathrobe didn't stay on for long, with Cardi quick to reveal her strapless nude bra. How did she make that sexy?!

You can watch her bathrobe-clad performance here.

Despite the wardrobe mishap, she still kills her set.

Fans were quick to praise her.

Cardi has too much sass and attitude to let something as trivial as clothes stop her from performing. Though she has canceled a few shows due to a number of cosmetic procedures in the past...

Keep doing you, Cardi!

Just promise to not cancel any more of your shows, okay? Keep reading to hear more about that whole fiasco.