Cardi B’s Daughter Walked in On Her Dancing to ‘WAP’ And Both Their Reactions Were Gold

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A cringe-worthy video has been shared of Cardi B’s daughter walking in on her mom dancing to her hit track, “WAP”, and their reactions are gold.

Read on to check it out…


Standing for “Wet Ass P***y,” rappers Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion’s hit collaboration has been taking the world by storm ever since its release in August last year.

At the start of the track, Cardi raps: “Yeah, you f*****g with some wet-ass p***y – bring a bucket and a mop for this wet-ass p***y – give me everything you got for this wet-ass p***y.”

The rest of the song weighs in on some pretty explicit sexual activity, which I’m not going to write about here – for obvious reasons.

The music video was released, and it blew us all away.

Because Cardi “wanted different types of bad b****es in my video. Black, white, Latin, mix.”

One segment of the video shows the reality star walking seductively through the house in a revealing leopard print bodysuit – this then resulted in a petition being launched to get her removed from the video.

In the days following its release, Cardi excitedly took to Instagram to share that the song had reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and had the most streams in the first opening week in music history.

The music video has now had over 320 million views on YouTube…

And the powerhouse collaboration alone has amassed more than 39 million streams.

With women from all over the world claiming to feel “empowered” by its raunchy and explicit lyrics.

Some people aren’t too impressed with the track, slamming it as “inappropriate” and “damaging to feminism.”

But one thing that everyone can agree on is that “WAP” is not appropriate for family listening.

And most parents have made the effort to ensure their children won’t hear the lyrics until they’re significantly older. Fair enough, right?

As when she was caught by her daughter dancing to the song, she was very quick to react. Something the internet has been able to relate to…

But just seconds later, we see her daughter enter the room and as Cardi spots her, she’s very quick to react.

She then proceeds to take a sip of wine. (Probably a very big one!)

And, on that note, keep scrolling to hear what Snoop Dogg had to say about “WAP”…