One of the easiest targets for online hatred is celebrities talking politics. People online LOVE to tell celebs to stay in their lane and stay out of politics. Especially when we're talking about ladies who are hot and talented, the internet loves to tell them they're stupid when they talk about race, gender, or politics.

So it's no surprise that one of our favs, Cardi B., got some backlash after talking about the government shutdown. Oooh, we are here for this tea. Instagram was a harsh critic, telling Cardi that she was dumb and didn't know what she was talking about. Unfortunately for Instagram, Miss B. absolutely knows what she's about and she's got back up to prove it.

If you think that Cardi B. is not smart enough to comment on our government or the current political happenings, there's a certain someone who has a lot to say to you. Who is it? You've got to keep reading to find out.

It all started on January 16th.

Our girl Cardi B. posted a video in which she shared her views on the government shutdown. In particular, she went to bat for the workers expected to show up and put in hours with no pay.

What a surprise, the internet is angry at a woman.

In a response that surprised no one, the comments turned nasty.

People questioned whether she was telling the truth.

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Obviously, if I disagree with someone they must be lying, right? RIGHT?

Others suggested she had ulterior motives.

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Who on earth would pay Cardi B. to be their political spokesperson?

But then it got truly nasty.

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People questioned Cardi's intelligence, her background, and her role in politics. Apparently, if you're not a politician you should keep your mouth shut.

Don't come for Cardi B.

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What Instagram didn't know is that Cardi has a serious defender and you are in trouble if you come for her.

Ms. Joan Hill, high school government teacher.

That's right, Cardi's high school teacher came out to defend her and her right to speak openly about politics.

Hill had quite a lot to say about Cardi B.

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The first of which was pulling out some of the ultimate politics cred: "she probably scored higher than you on the US History Regents exam, and was in my AP govt class." AP stands for "Advanced Placement," which holds some serious chops.

Why shouldn't Cardi B. speak up?

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Not only does Cardi B. have cred, but she also has the potential to make a real difference, which Ms. Hill pointed out: "b) you're not nearly as busy as her, and what have you done to advance political discourse in this country? c) She has a national platform and is using it to speak about things that are important...why can't we respect that?" I can't argue with that logic.

And last but not least...

Ms. Hill had a message for the haters: "STFU and take a seat."

Cue: the internet losing its mind.

Of course, when the teacher comes to play people have no idea what to do with themselves. Twitter lost its dang mind.

Not every teacher is this baller.

We are in awe.

Don't start something you can't finish.

We can feel the clap back from states away.

In case you weren't familiar with Regents and AP.

Other New York students are here to set you straight: that stuff is HARD.

And now the puns come out.

Of course, it couldn't be an internet fight without some quality puns and we have to say, these ones are A+.

I'll stan that.

Ms. Hill might be getting some fans of her own.

Someone had to question it.

Of course, there was at least one person who wasn't sure if this was TRULY Cardi's teacher.

People set him straight FAST.

There definitely is a Joan Hill and she definitelyΒ is a teacher in New York and she definitely taught Cardi.

Ms. Hill's students LOVE her.

Seriously, this woman has an army of students who will take you down if you insult Miss Hill.

This lady is legen...dary.

I hope that someone out there is talking about me the way Joan Hill's students talk about her.

So what did we learn today?

Oh, I can think of a lesson or two.

Cardi B. is really smart.

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Seriously. Do not underestimate her.

Cardi B. has friends in unexpected places

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We repeat: do not come for Cardi B.

And the internet still hates that Cardi B. is smart.

Haters are always gonna hate.

Some fools even thought that they could come up with a response to this perfect piece of media.

I'm sorry, but anything you say after this is worthless.

You want some ice for that burn?

Yeah, that did not go well for Mr. Gregory A. Butler.

But the true lesson here...

Is that Joan Hill is the hero we needed.

The hero we wanted.

She's so perfect.

And above all...

The teacher we all wished we had.

So, take a seat.

Mic. Drop.