News has just broken that the celebrated actor and director, Carl Reiner, has passed away.

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The world has lost a true icon.

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It has been confirmed today that Carl Reiner has sadly passed away. He was ninety-eight-years-old.

Throughout his decades-long career, Reiner was one of those rare actors who never fell out of the public eye.

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Despite his age, Reiner remained a firm favorite in the world of Hollywood, and he enjoyed tremendous success throughout his impressive career...

He was considered a true legend in the world of entertainment.

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Born in the Bronx in 1922, the actor found his initial fame by founding the iconic TV series, The Dick Van Dyke Show in 1961.

Reiner intended on being the star of the show...

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However, Columbia Broadcasting System - now CBS - persuaded him to settle for being the producer, writer, and supporting actor.

But this didn't stall his triumph.

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The show was a roaring success, and Reiner would go on to win 3 Emmys for his writing. The program was also named as outstanding comedy series in 1966 and, to this day, remains as one of the most epochal TV shows of our time.

The Dick Van Dyke show is heavily credited for Reiner's iconic reputation in the industry.

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Speaking to USA TODAY in 2019 about why Van Dyke still resonates today, Reiner had said: "When I started that show, I had a feeling it was going to have a long life because it was based on something real: my life,"

And his talents didn't stop there.

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During this time, he also wrote and directed the Broadway production, Something Different in 1967.

Reiner went on to write, direct, and produce a wide variety of different TV shows and movies in his time.

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Above, he is seen alongside his long-time costar, Mel Brooks, performing the "2000 Year Old Man" skit on The Andy Williams Show.

More examples of his work include:

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The 1970 black comedy, Where's Poppa?, 1979's The Jerk, which ultimately catapulted Steve Martin to fame, and Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid in 1982.

Later in his career, Reiner even went on to appear in the popular Ocean's trilogy.

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In 2011, he landed the role of Saul Bloom in Steven Soderbergh's remake of the 1960 Ocean's 11.

He reprised this role in the next 2 Ocean's movies...

2004's Ocean's 12 and 2007's Ocean's 13.

And, most recently, Reiner provided the voice-over for Carl Reineroceros in last year's Toy Story 4.

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A truly iconic finale role.

Reiner proved that age is merely a number...

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The man was quite literally unstoppable and never allowed his age to slow down his dazzling career.

So it comes as a tremendous shock today that we announce his passing.

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The news has come in that, yesterday, the actor sadly died at the age of ninety-eight.

He is survived by his 3 children...

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Rob Reiner, Lucas Reiner, and Annie Reiner. His wife of sixty-four-years, Estelle Lobost, died back in 2008 at the age of ninety-four.

The tributes have been flooding in since the devastating news broke...

And many have been commenting on his recent support and solidarity with the BLM movement, just weeks and days before his death.

Celebrities and fans alike have been coming together to remember the actor...

Though many can't help but think of Mel Brooks now having to eat his deli dinners alone.

People are in shock over his sudden death, given that he was Tweeting just one day prior...

So why exactly did he die?

Well, the celebrated actor reportedly died at his Beverly Hills home on Monday...

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TMZ reported that he was surrounded by his family when he passed. Further details surrounding his cause of death remain unclear, but it is widely assumed that he died of natural causes.

Rest in peace, Carl Reiner.

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Gone, but never forgotten. 2020 has been a truly devastating year, so let's take a moment to remember the lives lost so far...