20 Cases of Instant Karma That Will Make You Laugh

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There’s nothing sweeter in life than watching someone get what’s coming to them.

That’s just a fact.

It’s even better if it happens right away.

These 20 cases of instant karma are beyond satisfying. Enjoy.

This is just gorgeous. I wonder if he recognized his interviewer from the subway. That would just add another layer of perfection to the situation.

I mean, yes, if we’re nitpicking, which we always are, nitpick is one word. Love a grammar Nazi. (To be clear, that’s the only kind of Nazi I love.)

Even though it is not a smart move to use bug spray flamethrowers in your home to kill cockroaches, I don’t really blame the guy. Those buggers are resilient.

The slow-motion self-own is a rarity in this world. I’m just glad we could all come together to witness it.

I really hope the firefighters’ bit wasn’t ruined by an actual fire where they would have had to move one of the trucks. Because fires are bad, sure, but ruining bits is the worst. The next one involves a politician so you know it’s going to be good…

Don’t cry over spoiled milk… Unless of course, that milk totally destroyed you in a bunch of hilarious ways.

That’s what you get for trying to harm the most wonderful, loyal animal on the planet. I hope the guy lost his job, too.

This is some quality content right here. Poor girl thought she played the prank of the century.

The ad for this truck says, “Truck caught on fire from flicking a cigarette out the window and it landing in the bed.” Just one of the many reasons smoking is bad for you.

Think about it. Think about it some more. Yup. This is the grossest thing to ever happen. This next one is pure joy…

Karmadillo! Armordillo! The puns write themselves, folks.

Let this be a lesson to every living creature out there: You absolutely do not bite Gordon Ramsay on the nose. That’s a mistake.

Sure, big dogs are often gentle giants, but even they have their breaking points. He put up with her annoying kicking for way too long.

Dolphins are known for being some of the smartest animals in the world. Not this dolphin, though.

I would pay money to see that package thief open up a package of worms. Hilarious. The next one is a total classic…

The best kind of instant karma is grammatical instant karma. It gets me every single time.

This table dined and dashed, but then they forgot their expensive sunglasses at the table, which were definitely worth more than their meal. Karma! Is! The! Greatest!

You rarely get to see someone who parked like an idiot actually in the act of experiencing their karmic situation. It is glorious.

A good rule of thumb is not to brag about the capabilities of your truck on Facebook, and then very soon after that, also post about how it flipped on the ice. Just don’t post the second one!

Look, when you’re holding up a train, you’re not just holding up a train. You’re holding up all the trains and countless people’s day. She got exactly what she deserved.