Cat Abandoned Because It Was Born With Different Colored Eyes and Extra Toes | 22 Words

A cat who was abandoned for her unusual appearance has now found viral fame...

Sansa isn't your usual feline.

While she may look like your regular feline from this photo, there is a little more to her than initially meets the eye.

Because, despite the happy, apartment-dwelling lifestyle she leads now...

Sansa actually had a turbulent start to life.

Now, cats have long been the favorite pet here in the states.

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Move over, dog-lovers.

Statistics show that there are 88.3 million American cat owners...

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Compared to just 74.8 million dog owners.

They're great to have around the house...

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And studies have proven that owning a cat is certain to lower stress and blood pressure.

But despite this fact...

Countless cats spend the majority of their lives in animal shelters waiting for a loving home.

So many people choose their pets based entirely on their appearance...

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So, more often than not, the animals with disabilities or deformities are the ones who are left behind.

And, in more extreme cases...

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They are thrown out of their homes and abandoned in the streets.

And this brings us back to the story of Sansa.

6-year-old Sansa was found roaming the streets of New York City by animal rescue staff earlier this year.

Instantly, her rescuers could see that she was no ordinary cat.

For starters, they could see that she had heterochromia - her eyes were totally different colors, one a piercing blue and the other a light green.

And, on top of that...

They noticed that Sansa had extra toes. 

Usually, a cat has 5 toes on each paw...

But Sansa here sports 6 digits on each.

And, while most of us will find these unique factors pretty darn adorable...

Staff at the rescue center believed that they could very well be the reason she was abandoned.

But, luckily, it didn't take long for her to be rehomed.

Sansa's new owner, who is known only as Karen, recalled the first time she saw the forlorn feline. "My husband and I met Sansa at a cat adoption event in New York City. Even though there were a lot of cute, friendly cats at the event, my eyes kept being drawn to Sansa’s cage who was previously called Snow."

Karen recalled how anxious Sansa was.

"It was a seemingly empty cage with a sign that said the cat inside suffered from anxiety and had been neglected and eventually thrown out by her previous owners. Turns out the cage was not empty - she was simply hiding under the cat bed! I felt an immediate connection to her because I suffer from anxiety myself, and I knew that I wanted her to be a part of our family before I even saw her."

"Imagine my surprise when I realized that she had different colored eyes and extra toes!"

Karen brought Sansa home 2 days later, but while it took the cat a while to fully trust her new owners. She was later diagnosed with Feline Hyperesthesia Disorder, a type of anxiety.

Sansa is a somewhat high maintenance cat...

"She has claimed the apartment as her own and is the true queen of our household," Karen explained. "Queen Sansa wakes us up at 6 am every morning to announce that she’s hungry, and if we don’t get up in time, she proceeds to knock things off the nightstand one by one."

So, of course, Sansa had to have her very own Instagram account.

"I started an Instagram account @sansa.thecat because I wanted to document each day of our journey caring for an anxious, genetically different cat. What makes her special just makes it a little easier to get people’s attention to raise awareness and advocate for the adoption of special needs cats."

The account quickly gained attention...

And, at the time of writing, has 21.8K followers. Not bad for a cat from the streets of New York, is it?

We're so glad Sansa is now living the pampered life she deserves.

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