Pet Cat 'Cries' After Owner Leaves It Home Alone | 22 Words

Home security cameras have captured the moment the world's most dramatic cat "cried" after it was left home alone.

Someone give this pet an Oscar...

Now, who said all cats were evil?


Despite them being arguably the most popular domestic pet in the world, cats have gained a somewhat unfavorable reputation over the years.

Maybe it's their love of bringing home half-alive rodents?


Or perhaps it's their constant loftiness and nonchalant attitudes?

And we all know the stigma surrounding black cats...


​Those of a more superstitious nature genuinely believe these beautiful felines can bring bad luck, so avoid them completely.

Their loss, I suppose.

But when it comes to cats, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.


There's a reason they're one of the most popular pet choices - they're loving (mostly), they're cuddly, they're self-sufficient, and they're so damn cute.

And, despite their sullen attitudes, cats genuinely love us as much as dogs do.


Just without all the unnecessary neediness, of course.

But now, one pet cat has demonstrated this overwhelming love in the most dramatic of ways.


As stated earlier, a teary-eyed feline was caught on camera "crying" after his owner left him home alone.

Of course, people are very touched by the footage...


Now, what's the story behind Fu Fu and his dramatic weepy stare?


His owner, known only as Ms. Meng, had left Fu Fu home alone in eastern China's Xuzhou to stay at her parents' to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Ms. Meng told the MailOnline that she had decided not to bring Fu Fu out of fear that he would not settle in her parents' home.


She described the feline as shy and clingy, adding that the pet loves nothing more than to spend time with her.

To ensure his safety, Ms. Meng had arranged enough food and water for him before her trip...


And would watch surveillance footage regularly.

But when Ms. Meng decided to call out to her pet through the monitor...


Fu Fu's reaction was simply heartbreaking.

​As his owner's voice rang out, Fu Fu turned around to look at the door before turning back to touch the camera with his paw.


Ms. Meng could be heard cooing in the clip "do you miss me" and "I will come back in a few days."

But, as a purring Foo Foo gazed into the camera...


His eyes appeared to well up with tears.

​"I felt heartbroken when I saw this," Ms. Meng confessed.


She added that she eventually cut her trip short to return home to the needy feline.

Take a look at Fu Fu's stunning performance below.

You can also see the heartwarming moment Fu Fu is finally reunited with his owner.

I suppose that's one way to get your own way, right?