Cat Needs Glucose Drip After Mating With 5 Females in a Single Night

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One Chinese pet owner got a nasty shock after dropping his cat off at a pet hotel for the weekend. Xiaopi, an unneutered Russian Blue, took full advantage of his social situation – and enjoyed at least five summer romances over the course of a single night.

Post-coitus, Xiaopi looked pretty pleased with himself – but it seems his amorous activities have taken a toll on the poor feline, as he needed a glucose drip to help him to recover.

Owner, Mr Zhao, has not seen the funny side though – claiming that the pet hotel was negligent and should not have allowed the excitable tom to roam so freely. But images of the blissed-out Xiaopi after his night of passion have gone viral.

The combination of cute fluffiness and oddly nonchalant attitudes make them perfect fodder for the online world.

In fact, as any cat-owner will tell you, a feline pet can be a real pain. For some reason, cats don’t seem to like being told what to do.

And for a pretty hilarious reason, too. Xiaopi, a Russian Blue from south China, has a certain (and very intense) passion.

His owner, Mr. Zhao, needed his cat cared for over a weekend and decided that leaving Xiaopi with a selection of his peers would be a good idea.

Xiaopi was unneutered – meaning he had quite the sexual appetite.

He claims that he had told staff about Xiaopi’s… condition – and that it would mean that he needed to be kept alone at night.

“I thought they’d be professional, but the staff member didn’t feed Xiaopi during the day and let him out to roam freely at night,” Zhao reportedly shared on social media.

“That’s right, all the cats were free to walk around the shop and then the employee went home.”

The randy feline couldn’t help but going on a mission – of the romantic variety.

Although, after a night of passion, Xiaopi looked a little bit different.

According to Zhao, Xiaopi was very busy.

“Between around 10.40pm and 5am, my cat mated with five female cats.”

“Those are only the ones I could see in the CCTV footage,” meaning there could be a lot more.

And while it does make for a good story, there’s actually a more serious side to this problem.

That’s how kittens are made. Which is all well and good – except for the fact that many of these cats were not planning on having kids.

Because after a night of (at least) five partners, Xiaopi wasn’t in the best state, either.

Zhao described his pet as “exhausted and on a glucose drip.”

Luckily, after initially trying to blame Zhao, the pet hotel has taken the blame and offered to pay for the medical treatment.

Because it wasn’t just Xiaopi who’s been affected by the hotel’s incompetence.

“They’re going to compensate each pregnant cat’s owner 500 Renminbi (£56), and have promised to sell any kittens on their behalf. The other owners have also told me they’ll either give me a kitten or 1,000 Renminbi (£113) if their cats turn out to be pregnant.”

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