It doesn't take much for someone's pet to go viral. Us humans seem to love nothing more than pouring over adorable animal content and it seems today, that content comes from no other than the nation's underrated favorite: cats.

But this one hungry kitty might be the cutest we've ever seen.

Who doesn't love cats?

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These furry felines are some of the nation’s favorite pets.

Yes, cats have some serious competition with dogs...

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But, as it turns out, the beloved cat is actually a more popular choice of a pet than the high-maintenance and very needy dog.

Not only are they adorable...

Cats are also very independent pets who clean themselves and they generally create a minimal fuss in the house.

There are hundreds of breeds across the globe.

And there are new ones being discovered every day.

Many draw in significant attention for donning unique features...

Take these "Poodle Cats," for instance.

Even one of the most popular breeds of cat have viral-worthy features...

Like these rather grumpy looking Maine Coon kittens, for example.

Cats also make from some hilarious online content...

As one feline has proven this week.

This is a cat with a difference.

And a rather unique talent!

This is a cat with a big appetite.

And when there's no food left, she has a unique method.

Listen closely...

Because it's pretty unbelievable.

When Bacon's food bowl is empty...

She's learned how to signal that it's time for more food.

She simply utters a very clear and distinctive sound.

"Uh oh." We know how Bacon feels!

Hear for yourself.

We were skeptical too - but it really sounds like she says it!

And hey, if it gets the desired result...

We can totally see why Bacon has learned this impressive skill!

Well done Bacon!

Bacon’s owner Barbara Jones, explained to The Dodo, "When we get up in the morning and go to feed her, without thinking we would say, ‘Uh-oh! your bowl is empty’. Out of the blue one morning, she said ‘Uh-oh’ first very clearly!"

They then tried to get Bacon to repeat the word.

But she refused - being a typical stubborn feline.

But they weren't waiting too long for another utterance.

The next morning, when food was lacking once more, Bacon piped up with "uh oh" once again.

Here's another look.

It is rather freaky stuff!

To Bacon, it doesn't mean "something's wrong."

“To her, it means, ‘Feed me!’" Jones said.

It seems she's always been a chatty cat.

"I heard a kitty just yelling outside my apartment. I opened the door and she ran in. Bacon picked me." Fancy more cute cats? Scroll on for the one-eyed kitty searching for a forever home...