Cat With Dwarfism Will Stay Kitten-Sized Forever

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It doesn’t take much for someone’s pet to go viral.

Us humans seem to love nothing more than pouring over adorable animal content and it seems today, that content comes from no other than the nation’s underrated favorite… cats.

One cat has taken the spotlight this week and this is due to her rare genetic condition… which is actually very adorable.

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These furry felines are some of the nation’s favorite pets.

But, as it turns out, the beloved cat is actually a more popular choice of a pet than the high-maintenance and very needy dog.

Cats are also very independent pets who clean themselves and they generally create a minimal fuss in the house.

And there are new ones being discovered every day.

Take these “Poodle Cats,” for instance.

They are all equally as precious.

But one little cat has gone viral online recently for his very unique appearance.

And he is a 7-month-old cat from Wolverhampton in the U.K.

And when he was taken in by the local vets, they could see instantly that he was different from other cats.

It is believed that the poor little cat was abandoned for this reason… even though his clouded eyes have no effect at all on his vision.

Munchie was confirmed at the vets to carry an extremely rare genetic condition that will stop him from growing any bigger than he already is – this is essentially the cat form of dwarfism.

And she has now adopted the little guy into her home where she has a horse, a rescue dog, and 2 other cats.

Speaking to LADbible, twenty-nine-year-old Emily explained, “We have only in the last couple of weeks discovered he has hypoparathyroidism after he collapsed on Boxing Day and spent four nights in the vets on intravenous fluid therapy.”

“His calcium levels were 0.52 when the normal range is at least 1.9, it was a miracle he didn’t have a seizure. We have found only one other cat diagnosed with hypoparathyroidism as a kitten, which isn’t in the UK. It’s so rare,” she said. “We believe he will have a normal life span but due to there being so little information available, due to it being so rare, we don’t know for sure.”

“He’s just like a normal kitten, he can climb but he can’t jump because he has to have calcium and Vitamin D supplemented to keep him stable. He weighs a tiny 1.7kg.”

But she says this was “worthwhile,” adding that she “will do everything” she can to make sure Munchie has “the best life possible.”

The young vet has dedicated a lot of her time to the little cat…

“I feed him 4 times a day and he has no more than fifteen grams per feed, he eats like a kitten. When he was really poorly I would feed him 6-8 times per day – including getting up several times through the night for weeks on end,” Emily explained. “It was exhausting but worthwhile as, after a few close calls and being close to losing him, he’s pulled through and is on the road to recovery.”

“He has a lifelong condition so he will need regular blood tests to check his calcium levels and will be on medication for the rest of his life,” she went on to say.

And we wish Munchie a long and happy life! To learn about the Facebook group that is dedicated to taking pictures with a local cat, keep scrolling…