A cat with a unique "split face" fur coloring has gained viral attention after fathering an adorable litter of kittens that all share each of his colors.

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Who doesn't love cats?

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These furry felines are some of the nation’s favorite pets... And if you say you hate them, you're lying to yourself.

Yes, cats have some serious competition with dogs...

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But, as it turns out, the beloved cat is actually a more popular choice of a pet than the high-maintenance and, quite frankly, needy dog.

Not only are they adorable...

Cats are also very independent pets who are capable of looking after themselves and generally creating a minimal fuss in the house.

There are hundreds of breeds of cat across the globe...

And there are new ones being discovered every day.

Many draw in significant attention for donning unique features...

Take these "Poodle Cats," for instance.

There's a huge market for Instagram famous cats...

Some cats, like Munchie, here, live with dwarfism, which leaves them resembling kittens for their entire lives... But they achieve an awful lot of fame in the process.

The internet is adorned with Insta-famous cats.

Nala, Grumpy, Lil' Bub... All these felines have more followers than most of us will ever achieve.

But there are some cats who are popular for their rather unique fur patterning.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat shot to viral stardom for his unique hipster moustache patterning that is perfectly positioned under his nose.

But, out of all the unusual fur patterns out there...

There is one cat with perhaps the most unique fur of them all.

This is Narnia.

As you can see, Narnia sports a mesmerizing black and grey "split face" pattern, which is only enhanced by his striking blue eyes.

He really is a handsome cat, isn't he?

3-year-old Narnia, who was born in France but now lives in the United Kingdom, is believed to have a rare genetic trait that ultimately results in the colors of his fur splitting directly down the middle of his head.

This genetic anomaly is called chimerism...

This means, in the case of male cats, an extra X chromosome was present at the embryonic stage of his development.

But it is incredibly rare.

His owner, Stephanie Jiminez, who is a professional cat breeder, told local media:
"When Narnia was born I was extremely surprised. I knew immediately that he was exceptional. Narnia was born with a double black and grey face, which is very rare - normally a cat cannot be black and grey."

But, regardless of what genetic defect Narnia suffers from...

It doesn't change the fact that he is very much loved by Stephanie, who even launched him his own little Instagram page.

Narnia has become quite the celebrity in the world of Instagram cats...

And he currently boasts over 200,000 followers.

His cat wife, Bella, is pretty unique, too.

Bella sports a unique fur coloring and pattern too, making her and Narnia a remarkably handsome couple.

And, last year, the duo had some exciting news...

They were expecting!

And, when their litter arrived...

Stephanie couldn't believe it when she saw that two of the kittens had inherited a chunk of their dad's unique colorings.

Grey-haired Phoenix and black-haired Prada are tiny little Narnia replicas.

The kittens have each inherited a unique part of Narnia's genetic deformity, and they are insanely cute.

Since the kittens were born last year, Phoenix has found a forever home after being adopted by a family, and Prada is due to move into her new home very soon.

As for Narnia? Well, he is happily residing at home, where Stephanie hopes he can breed again one day. For more adorable cat news, keep scrolling to read about the local cat who is loved by over 30,000 people online...