20 Cats Inadvertently Swatting Things Toward Themselves and Then Freaking Out

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Oh, cats. Those mysterious felines that are the perfect combination of laughter, joy and amazement. What really goes on in their furry little heads? We’ll never know, but we have so many gifs and videos to prove that they will never be fully understood, even though they are endlessly entertaining.

It seems like cats are these brave, I’m-better-than-all-of-you types of animals, but at the end of the day, just like everybody else, they have their weaknesses. For felines, it’s the endless temptation to swat unknown objects and then run away in fear. No matter the cat, no matter the object, it seems like a true battle where the cat, almost always, ends up fleeing the scene or pretending nothing happened. Get ready for some hilarious catastrophes that are too good to be true.

How dare those sweatpants attack this poor, innocent cat!

I am just as confused as this cat about this unsettling trend in fashion. It would make me jump, too.

Well first of all, what kind of cat is this? It looks like a miniature leopard or something. Second of all, I’m impressed by its bravery, sort of.

This kitty couldn’t handle the pressure of the aux chord. It’s okay little buddy, not everyone can do it.

That’s my exact reaction when I smell my brother’s laundry. This one is totally justifiable. Just keep scrolling.

Cat vs. lion…and the lion wins!

Wow, cats do always land on their feet. I am so impressed. If I were that stuffed animal,  I would feel very intimidated by those spider cat moves.

This cat just walks away like nothing happened…nothing to see here! Just a dumb balloon and a super brave cat.

Two cats, one stuffed toy, and, you guessed it, another giant feline freak out. Even if this cat has back up, it still scares itself.

Who really knows what is in that box? I might be kind of scared, too, especially if it’s another pair of socks.

1. Approach with caution. 2. Swat object with full force. 3. Freak the heck out and run away.

Cute little cat, some fun bubbles and a whole lot of fear to freak this poor animal out.

This cat got some air! Even if he wasn’t fully fearless, he still was able to look cool trying.

It’s going down…I’m yelling timber!

Cats are afraid of socks! We may have found their true weakness.

Actual footage of me trying to study in high school.

This evil flip flop isn’t going to fool this cat! Even with its back up against the wall.

This might be my favorite one. We all have that one friend who overreacts, even a bunch of cute kittens know this to be true.

Oh man, this cat is just a hero. He ran towards his enemy, attacked, then did some weird cat dance right before running off, completing his mission.

Those slap bracelets are evil! One of the worst (and most painful) accessory trends to ever exist. My wrists sting just looking at this. Go, kitty, go for taking on such an evil nemesis. Just proves the point that cats are still mysteries but will always leave you with a good laugh.