Cause of Death Finally Determined for Family of 3 and Dog Who Mysteriously Died on a Hike

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The cause of death for the family of 3 who mysteriously died while on a hike has been revealed…

Investigators have finally established the cause of death of Ellen Chung, John Gerrish, their 1-year-old daughter Miju, and family dog, Oski.

The Gerrish-Chung family died while on a hiking trail in California.

The family were reported missing on August 15th after Gerrish failed to log on for his new job at Snapchat.

A nanny, who was meant to look after 1-year-old Miju that day, said nobody had answered the door, BuzzFeed reports.

Their bodies were then discovered by search teams in a small valley called the Devil’s Gulch the following day, the outlet reports.

Their bodies were found just 1.6 miles from their car.

The Gerrish-Chung family are believed to have gone out on a walk on August 15th, a day where temperatures reached as high as 109F.

They reportedly had an eight-five-ounce water container with them, but it was empty, the Guardian reports.

Once their remains had been found, investigators struggled to identify an immediate cause of death as the remains showed no obvious trauma.

There was also no evidence to suggest that they had swallowed water from the nearby river which had high levels of a deadly toxin in it.

The cause of death remained a mystery…

Until now…

And people have had a lot to say aboiut it…

Sheriff’s deputies in Mariposa announced this week that the family had died due to the heat, Buzzfeed reports.

Speaking with reporters, Sheriff Jeremy Briese said the family died of hyperthermia and possible dehydration due to excessive heat.

The cause of death of the family dog, Oski, is still ongoing, however…

Briese said they believe it to be the same.

He also added that the hyperthermia deaths are the first he has seen in his twenty years in Mariposa County.

“This is a very tragic incident, tragic situation, and has been very unique from the onset.”

As per the Guardian, in a statement by the Gerrish-Chung family, they thanked officials for their work on the case.

“Our hearts will never forget the beautiful lives of Jonathan, Ellen, Miju and of course, Oski,” the statement said. “They will remain with us wherever we go and in whatever we do. In the future, when we sit beneath the trees listening to the wind soaring through the branches, we will hear them and we will remember.”

Rest in peace, Jonathan Gerrish, Ellen Chung, and Miju.