Celebrities - they're just like us. Or, at least they are during the quarantine. Scroll on for all of the stars embracing their natural beauty during lockdown - and prepare to be shocked.

Colin Jost

via: Getty Images

Scarlett Johanssen's hubby usually looked polished AF.

But now?

He's embraced a "hobo" aesthetic.

Kylie Jenner

One of the most recognizable faces of today.

But now?

via: Twitter

She's looking more and more like the old Kylie.

Ryan Reynolds

Let's face it - who doesn't have a crush on the star?

And tbh, we still do.

via: Instagram

We love casual Reynolds. Bonus points for the t-shirt!

Hilary Duff

Usually looking every inch the starlet.

She's embracing and edgier vibe.

And we have to say, we kind of dig it.

Armie Hammer

Hollywood's golden boy.

Looking a little worse for wear.

We're kind of into the mohawk!

P Diddy

Usually looking flash ...

In quarantine?

via: Instagram

He's more of a silver fox.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Normally every inch the goddess.

Now looking more down to earth.

We like this low-key look!

Cardi B

She's a fan of an OTT look.

She's taken it down a notch.

via: Instagram

And she looks pretty cute!

Will Smith

Usually a pretty smooth operator.

In quarantine, he's more unkempt.

via: Instagram

But we love this tie-dye t-shirt.

Liam Payne

Normally a heartthrob...

And now?

via: Instagram

Actually, never mind. Still a heartthrob.

Florence Pugh

Blessed with one of the best faces in Hollywood.

Unbrushed hair and clean skin ...

via: Instagram

She still looks annoyingly perfect.

Selena Gomez

Undeniably a beauty.

And let's face it ...

Quarantine means no exception.

Julia Roberts

A true icon.

And without all the glitz?

She still looks great!

Elle Fanning

Usually seen dressed up in her finest.

Now relaxing with a ponytail.

Very WFH vibes.

Tracee Ellis Ross

A comedy queen.

With the hair to match!

We're kidding - she looks lovely.

Jenna Dewan

Not a hair out of place.

Until now.

We're totally loving that t-shirt!

Chris Pratt

Everyone's crush.

And honestly?

via: Instagram

He looks just as gorgeous out of HD.

Emma Roberts

Julia's niece usually looks similarly primed.

Her natural look?

Equally beautiful.

Ali Wong

Ready to star in a smash-hit Netflix series.


...Less so.

Emma Chamberlain

Usually looking ready for a photo shoot.

Rather than ready for iPhoto.

We don't hate this look!


In her normal glamorous state.

Vs. now.

She still looks super cool, though.

Jessie J

She's usually pretty polished.

In quarantine, she's embracing her natural hair.

And we're big fans.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

A natural brunette.

But her quarantine style?

Pink and punchy!

Kevin Hart

An internet icon.

Embracing his age.

via: Instagram

Yet another entry into the silver-fox club!

Jim Carrey

One of the most changeable faces in Hollywood.

Opting for a natural look.

via: Instagram

We like it!


She usually rocks a peroxided 'do.

In quarantine, she's back to her roots.

via: Instagram

And beautifully bare-faced.

Gabrielle Union

Typically seen rocking a weave.

But behind the scenes?

via: Instagram

She's letting her natural hair do its thing - and looking incredible.

Dua Lipa

She loves a futuristic vibe.

And when looking more low-key?

via: Instagram

She's still opted for an edgy pink streak.

Katy Perry

Her video looks are a little bit out there.

But pregnant Perry looks more chilled out.

via: Instagram

We like this low-key vibe.

Ricky Martin

A true '90s crush.

He's gone for a classic quarantine move.

via: Instagram

And we're loving his new pink hair!

Miley Cyrus

She's no stranger to a controversial haircut ...

But this might be her most out there yet.

via: Instagram

Joe Exotic, anyone?

Chris Noth

In our hearts, he'll always be Mr Big.

He's gone for a fresh look.

With a distinctly criminal vibe ...

Tallulah Willis

Bruce's daughter is also partial to an unusual 'do.

And her quarantine look?

Full buzzcut - complete with a famous dad.

Helen Mirren

She usually looks chic as hell.

But in quarantine?

She's going for a more relaxed vibe. Fancy more action from celebrities during quarantine? Scroll on...