Celebrity Life Coach, best selling author, and motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, has been accused of sexual misconduct, berating abuse victims, and racism. So hopefully he's having a bad week. For those not in the know, Robbins is best known as the world's biggest and one of it's first viral motivational speakers.

He's toured the globe giving talks on how to "transform your life" and "rewire your brain". Definitely sounds like something everyone's mom would listen to if it were on a book-on-tape back in 1999. And now, according to Buzzfeed News, Robbins has come under fire for being awful. Sexual misconduct, berating abuse victims, and racism is basically the trifecta of douchebaggery.

And the worst part is, these aren't just one time instances. More and more women are coming forward telling their stories about how Tony abused them, exposed himself to them, or blamed them for things out of their control.

Who is Tony Robbins?

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He's basically the Michael Jackson of the motivational speaker world. The man knows how to put on a show. He sells out arenas to thousands of screaming fans, and he's been doing it for years.

He's started a multi-billion dollar self-help empire.

And if he practices what he preaches, you can see why people might find him so appealing. I would love to become a multi-billionaire just by repeating a few mantras to myself every day.

Tony has worked with celebrities from Donald Trump and Bill Clinton to Oprah and the Kardashians.

So basically all the people you love, and all the people you hate. He's worked with seemingly everyone.

"At the core of Robbins’ teachings is the message that his followers should not see themselves as victims, and should instead view their pain as something they have the power to 'destroy.'"

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All according to Buzzfeed News. So you know, that makes him the world's number one motivational speaker, and the world's number one hypocrite.

But access to Tony's inner circle comes at a price.

He's not a billionaire for nothing. Tickets to see him live can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, and his personal exclusive membership program can cost up to $85,000.

Not only that, but audiences who attend his multiday coaching camps must "sign contracts forbidding them from recording what goes on inside."

So that's why Robbins has gotten away with having such a rotten career for so long.

But now there are tapes. There are always tapes.

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Whistleblowers have been secretly recording Tony's engagements for nearly a year to uncover some of the darkest secrets of the world's most loved self-help guru.

"A total of nine former staffers and followers have now recounted incidents in which Robbins made sexual advances or was naked in front of them — and eight of them said they were upset by his actions."

The victims are coming forward with their names and their stories, and they're heartbreaking and terrifying.

"Kimberly Stokes, who worked as a live-in personal assistant for Robbins when she was 22 years old, told BuzzFeed News that he once walked into her bathroom while she was showering and 'dropped his towel,' exposing himself."

Stokes said that she had already rebuffed his advances once before.

Sophiah Koikas said that Robbins pulled her hand onto his crotch to feel his penis and groped her breast at a Hawaii seminar.

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Robbins repeatedly used his position of power and his way with words to put himself in situations where he could easily prey on women.

Mary Lantz said that Robbins sexually harassed her at an event she attended in Ohio — telling her she was “driving him crazy," kissing her, hugging her, and touching her breast.

Now, some of the women are coming forward to share their stories. Whether they worked for Tony for decades, or just had the misfortune of attending one of his events.

"A fourth woman, Lucie Galvez, said that Robbins asked her 'How do you feel about nudity?' during an interview for a personal assistant job around 2001, when she was in her early twenties."

"She said that Robbins told her that the role would involve working in close quarters with him and his then-girlfriend, and that the couple might be naked. Galvez said that she found the interview 'sexually inappropriate, almost predatory.' It felt like I was getting interviewed for sexual threesomes as opposed to an assistant’s job," she told BuzzFeed News.

Robbins denies all allegations.

He claims Buzzfeed News is "flat-out lying". But then goes on to say, "I’ve never claimed to be perfect and if there’s anything I’ve ever said or ever done that, sincerely, that offended anybody, hurt anyone’s feelings, or if they felt anything of that nature, I just didn’t support you, I apologize. It was certainly not my intention." So...

But it's not just sexual harassment and assault that Tony is coming under fire for.

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He has also been accused of victim blaming and berating victims of rape, domestic violence, and other abuse.

"Has he ever loved you? Has he ever looked out for you? Has he put up with you when you've been a crazy bitch? Have you ever been a crazy bitch?"

The core of the issue really starts with how Tony's conferences are set up in the first place.

The rooms he holds his multi-day events in are often kept very cold, with few bathroom breaks, and breaks for meals.

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By the end of the conference, attendees would often suffer mental breakdowns after having to relive their traumas in such an uninviting space.

Tony's former head of security, Gary King said, "We used to joke about it. People started ‘popping like popcorn.’"

So that's super off-putting. Go to a conference meant to build you up, and watch you and your fellow attendees "pop like popcorn"! All for the low, low price of (up to) $85,000.

Late last year, Robbins faced criticism for referring to the #MeToo movement as, "an excuse for some women to 'try and get significance' by 'attacking and destroying someone else.'"

Great, thanks for your input, Tony. I can't help but wonder why you would have said something like that.

He later went on to say this in December 2018:

"Victimhood is now rewarded in our culture. [People can now] make claims about anybody, and everyone jumps to support them."

His lawyers came in hot in his defence to Buzzfeed News, saying...

..."While BuzzFeed attempts to portray Mr. Robbins’ remarks in a negative fashion, it is important to remember that when Mr. Robbins says something like ‘victimhood is rewarded in our culture’ that's because, in some cases, it is." Nailed it. Robbins also issued the above statement on his Instagram from a "former assistant".

And guess what? That's not even all the bad stuff Tony has said.

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Tony has also been filmed in the past using racial slurs, most notably, the n-word.

In the video, he can be seen using the n-word twelve times in a minute and twenty-second clip.

In the video, he also says "I'm white and I'm free," seemingly taunting the black members of the audience.

"[H]e explained to one man that if he didn’t stop taking offense about matters of race he would 'never be free.'"

Tony seemingly loves to play the race card to goad responses out of his audience, using racial slurs with incredible indifference.

“As long as someone calls you a n***** and gets that kind of response I’ve seen right now, where you’re ready to explode... you have no control in your life. You are still a slave."

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He claims he uses these words in an effort to empower minorities and remove the power behind the words, but his routine is tone def and patently offensive.

"He proceeded to perform a dance in front of the crowd while singing, 'I’m a n***** you’re a n*****, be a n***** too.'"

Check out the video and make your own judgments.

The video in question:

Tony's attitude and context of why he's using these words is no excuse. Although he has such blasé about the words he's using, make no mistake that he's using it to gain power over his audience.

Just as he did before with abuse victims and the women he would go on to harass. 

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Buzzfeed's exposé has painted a picture of a rotten, vile person, who gained fame, celebrity, and money by manipulating and belittling other people, all under the guise of "I can make you better".

Tony's actions are reprehensible.

His attitude toward victims and the #MeToo movement prove that he has no interest in bettering himself as a person, and likely holds no remorse for the people he's abused.

Have you ever attended a Tony Robbins event?

If so, we'd love to hear about your experience.

Leave a comment with your thoughts on the matter.

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Is Tony completely in the wrong, or is he just using extreme methods to motivate people?