CEO Gives All Her Staff $10,000 Each and Two First Class Tickets Anywhere

Have you ever walked into work, expecting the day to go as it usually does, and your boss reaches out and gives you something wonderful instead? Whether that be free counseling, therapy, financial help schemes, or dinner on them, it makes you feel extremely grateful, right?

Well, these colleagues felt more than grateful when their boss reached out and gave them 2 1st class tickets to anywhere in the world and $10,000 each…

CEO of Spanx, Sarah Blakely decided to give her colleagues a wonderful surprise on Friday…

Sarah Blakely 1st founded her company in 2000, and it’s now a multi-million dollar company.

In an Instagram post, Blakely said that she’d “just know” when she’d want to sell her company, and it finally happened. Although she’s still a shareholder, the investment firm Blackstone bought a majority stake in her company, valuing Spanx at a whopping $1.2 billion, as per Lad Bible.

And Blakely has acknowledged that she wouldn’t be where she is today without the support from her staff. So, what does she do? She gives back to them!

Blakely gave $10,000 to each of her colleagues as well as 2 1st class plane tickets to anywhere in the world!

And with over 500 employees, that’s a lot of plane tickets!

In a video posted to her social media account, she says: “When I started the company in Virginia Highlands on the whiteboard in my room, I wrote a goal down, and I said this company will 1 day be worth 20 million dollars, and everybody laughed at me.”

Well, she sure showed those who doubted her, didn’t she?

“I think this is a really big moment in time for women,” she said, “I want to toast the women who came before me, and all of the women in the world who have not had this opportunity.

“So, in a moment like this, I think of my mom and my grandmothers and their lack of options, and all of the women that came before them. This would only have been a very remote dream,” she emotionally added.

“Why am I spinning the globe?” she asked enthusiastically, with the prop next to her.

“I am spinning the globe because to celebrate this moment, I have bought each 1 of you 2 1st class tickets to anywhere in the world,” she announced, followed by a room full of excited employees.

Blakely then went on to explain that her colleagues might want to treat themselves while they’re at their dream destinations, and so she’s giving them a little something extra: “And so, with everybody’s 1st class tickets to anywhere in the world, you are each getting $10,000!”

And people’s reactions were so heartwarming! Have a look at the video for yourselves:

Upon asking a selection of her colleagues where they plan to fly to, a few wanted to jet off to South Africa, while others said Japan, Bora Bora, and Antarctica, and 1 person even said he was going to elope with his girlfriend in Sweden! Absolutely amaizng!

Where would you like to go if the option was given to you?