Channing Tatum Announces He Will Not Be Performing in ‘Magic Mike Live’ Because of His ‘Dad Bod’

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Nothing lasts forever, especially things that feel like magic. Does something have to go through a process of change in order for us to truly appreciate its beauty?

Now, I realize I’m asking big questions, but when a tragedy occurs, what do you expect me to do?

Keep scrolling to hear about Channing’s truly tragic announcement and to see the pic of his dad bod that’s caused this whole thing…


I mean, okay, let’s not get overwhelmed by this. Facts are facts, we all grow old, right? Tatum wasn’t going to look like a demi-God forever.

The actor was in Australia helping to promote the tour, which will begin in May 2020.  

Whilst appearing on Australian early-morning news show, Sunrise, Tatum was asked whether fans could expect him to make an appearance on the live tour.

That man can dance like no-one else.

But here’s the thing, according to Channing, the body that we all remember is a thing of the past. He claims that he hasn’t got the time to look that good anymore.

If anyone thought these guys just magically got abs like that, then you were sorely mistaken. Tatum admits that staying in shape had been a full-time job.

During the interview, Tatum revealed some of the secrets behind keeping the Magic Mike body…

Tatum confessed that the strict diet that he was required to do while shooting the Magic Mike movies was pretty difficult to withstand. In the interview, he said, “What you see in Magic Mike [the film] is me holding it together for 2 weeks. As soon as they cut in the last scene, I’m like, “Where are the cheeseburgers?”

As much as the actor loved his Magic Mike days he recognizes that it’s over.

There is a younger generation of men that are willing to go through the grueling sacrifices that Tanning once made part of his life.

For anyone going to the live shows, you will certainly not be disappointed by the caliber of the current Magic Mike dancers.

The Magic Mike Live show has been in Vegas for the past year and has gone from strength to strength.

This guy certainly hasn’t been to In N Out for a while.

To look this good, according to Tatum, you have to spend every waking hour in the gym and eat a very strict diet.

There’s something about the sensitivity of a dancer against the tough guy muscle that makes the Magic Mike dance troop so popular with the ladies.

Now that Tatum has relaxed on his gym regime and strict diet he’s got more time for the important things in life.

Channing met the pop star and The Voice UK judge on a golf course in late 2018. Tatum was fresh out of his break-up from his wife of nearly nine-years,  Step-Up co-star, Jenna Dewan. Dewan and Tatum share a daughter, Everley.

Tatum actually cited becoming a parent as the reason behind the end of his gym-lifestyle. He told the Australian morning show, “‘[I’ve got a] dad bod, man! I got a kid now, this is what it is.”

Now that his daughter is 6, Channing has found he no longer has time to hit the gym. His only exercise comes from chasing after his kid! I think many guys with a dad bod can relate to that…

It seems that Channing Tatum fans are going to love him whatever shape he’s in.  

It seems if it’s okay for Channing Tatum to pull on his sweat pants and lounge on the couch, then it’s alright for everyone – and we think he looks hot. Continue scrolling to read about another celebrity man that’s making the dad bod hot…