Charlize Theron Wants a 'Lesbian Remake of Die Hard' | 22 Words

Charlize Theron has this week revealed her thoughts on a "lesbian remake" of the 1998 classic, Die Hard.

This, I've got to see...

Now, there is usually one debate surrounding Die Hard and one debate only.


Is it, or is it not, a Christmas movie?

For years now, people have debated fiercely as to whether or not Die Hard should be classed as an official Christmas movie.

Okay, it is set on Christmas Eve, and it does contain some sort of romantic plot. But does that tick enough of the boxes?

Many argue that there's simply too much "action" for it to be considered a festive favorite.

Bruce Willis himself even said that it wasn't a Chistmas movie.

"Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. It's a god damn Bruce Willis movie!" he said during his Comedy Central Roast last year.

Well, Die Hard's writer settled the argument himself last Christmas.


Steven E De Souza gave a handy checklist while appearing on the Script Apart podcast, comparing it to the "baseline" Christmas movie, 1954's White Christmas.

He noted that Die Hard takes place entirely in the Christmas holidays, while only the first and final scenes of White Christmas are set during the holiday season.


The entirety of Die Hard is also at a Christmas party, while only the end of its 1950s counterpart is.

And, even more interestingly, there are 4 Christmas songs in Die Hard, compared to only 2 in White Christmas, and in Die Hard, the party venue is threatened by terrorists, while the one in the earlier movie is threatened by foreclosure.

And as for all the very un-Christmassy deaths in Die Hard?


​Well, it turns out the off-screen deaths in White Christmas top the scale - there are twenty-three deaths in Die Hard, yet, in White Christmas, the deaths tally up to over 26,000.

"Now that you, my skeptic about Die Hard being a Christmas movie, admit that off-camera deaths count, the body count in White Christmas is 26,128 people in the Battle of the Bulge, the opening scene in the movie."

De Souza concluded by noting the selfless sacrifice in Die Hard, when Bruce Willis' John McClane runs barefoot over broken glass.

In White Christmas, however, Danny Kaye simply upgrades Vera Ellen's train ticket. That isn't very Christmassy, is it?

Anyway, putting that debate to one side, there is yet another conversation point surrounding Die Hard:


Should there be a lesbian remake?

Yes, you read that correctly.

In December 2020, someone on social media broached the topic of a female remake of the movie and, very quickly, everyone had Bruce Willis' potential replacement in mind...

Charlize Theron.

It all started with this Tweet.

"Lesbian Christmas rom coms are all well and good but what I REALLY want is a Die Hard where Charlize Theron goes on a rampage to save her wife."

That's something I could get on board with, for sure.

Well, it turns out that there's a lot of people who love the idea of Theron replacing Willis in an all-female reboot...

Well, Theron has now addressed the idea.


Speaking to Vanity Vair, the actress admitted that she quite enjoys the idea of leading a lesbian version of Die Hard.

She did initially reply to the Tweet that started it all, writing simply:

"Where do I sign."

But now, she has elaborated further.


When asked about the possibility in her recent interview, Theron seemed eager to step into the role.

"The fact that it would be 2 women," she said, "I was like, 'Yeah, sign me on.'"

What're your thoughts on a lesbian Die Hard reboot?


Theron would kill it.