Mattel Debuts Three New Body Types for Barbie – Curvy, Tall, and Petite

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People have been saying it for years. Barbie’s one-size-fits-all body type needs to go.

…And now it has!

After three consecutive years of plummeting sales, the big change couldn’t have come at a better time for Mattel.

Mattel unveiled three new body types for the iconic doll, but they didn’t stop there. They also debuted seven skin tones, 22 eye colors, 24 hairstyles and a barrage of new accessories. And we have to say… we’re loving her new diverse looks. Like, WOW!

The new Curvy Barbie has a filled out figure, but she’s still totally her fashionable, self. This version even has on-trend blue hair!

Finally Barbie looks like the awesomely fashionable women we see every day.

This maroon-haired Barbie looks like she’s ready for summer in the city.

While Mattel has introduced new fashions, Barbie’s trademark femininity hasn’t gone to the wayside.

Just because this Curvy Barbie got a makeover from the neck down doesn’t mean the company is suddenly discriminating against their blonde-haired, blue-eyed trademark.

The new body types also open up new opportunities for Mattel to make profits from the doll’s clothing and accessories.

We’ve totally met this Barbie out in the real world somewhere, and that’s the greatest thing about the Barbie change-up. We can actually relate to these dolls.

Tall girls, represent! While the original Barbie was 6 feet tall when her body type was applied to real life, this new version offers up more realistic proportions.

This Tall Barbie fears no shoe! Not even heels!

This red-haired beauty strays away from the blonde bombshell look of Barbie’s past.

Now this is the kind of girl we want to be.

Bohemian looks like this one are a stark contrast to Barbie’s prim-and-proper past. But it is sooo working for her.

Barbie’s imperfection-free skin is now even adorned by cute quirks like moles.

That is some seriously edgy short hair for Barbie, and we’re all about it.

Shorter girls got some love from Barbie, too! This version shows a lighter-than-normal skin tone, which is a far cry from the perfectly-tanned skin in the past.

Biracial girls will find that the new Barbies have more accurate skin colors.

Every girl goes through her bobbed haircut phase. Even Barbie.

Dark skin tones are striking on Barbie’s new frame.

We’re getting a series Gwen Stefani vibe here.

Funky hair and neutral makeup. This new Barbie really is a woman in 2016!

Even more alternative styles now have a place in Barbie’s universe.

The original body type will still be available on the market, but they’ve updated the look with new skin tones. We’re getting a very Kim Kardashian vibe from this chic chick.

These new skin tones are just gorgeous. Now every little girl can find a Barbie that looks like her.

Asian girls will find that the new Barbie is a bit more realistic when compared to white-washed versions of years past.

And the blonde-haired, blue-eyed original Barbie is still here after all these years!