Boy Accused of Killing Cheerleader and Bragging About It on Snapchat Will Be Charged as an Adult

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This horrific crime hit headlines thanks to one particularly chilling detail…

Tristyn Bailey was reported missing at 10 am on Sunday, May 9th.

She’d last been seen leaving the North Amenity Center in Florida at 1:15 am.

Tragically, after a community search lasting all day…

Her body was found in a wooded area at around 6pm on the same day.

Tributes began almost immediately as the community was in mourning.

Shortly after, fourteen-year-old Aiden Fucci was charged.

The two went to the same school and grew up in the same neighborhood – but the motive for the murder remains unclear.

But then, another chilling part of the investigation surfaced.

Shortly after the arrest, Fucci sent a bizarre and horrifying Snapchat while in the back of the police car.

“Hey guys has anybody [sic] seen Tristyn lately,” it read.

People were, understandably, horrified by this chilling callousness shown by the teenage Fucci.

The authorities were reportedly aware of the snap but didn’t comment on it.

But new authorities have spoken out.

They have revealed brutal details about the murder.

Including the fact that Bailey was stabbed 114 times in a truly vicious attack.

It’s also been confirmed that Fucci will be tried as an adult.

“It brings me no pleasure to be charging a 14-year-old as an adult with first-degree murder,” 7th Judicial Circuit State Attorney R Larizza told reporters.

“But I can tell you also the executive team and I reviewed all the facts, all the circumstances, the applicable law and it was not a difficult decision to make, that he should be charged as an adult.”

“It’s a sad decision and a sad state of affairs.”

The primary reasons for the decision are the brutality of the crime and the evidence of premeditation.

“To say that it was horrific could arguably be made as an understatement,” Larizza said.

“Bottom line, premeditation can be inferred certainly from just the sheer number of stab wounds that Tristyn Bailey had to suffer.”

He’d also told people he intended to murder somebody.

“He didn’t say who that was but he indicated to witnesses that he was going to kill someone by taking them in the woods and stabbing them, which are certainly the facts of this case.”

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