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Since Jeffrey Epstein died in 2019, many famous faces have opened up about their run-ins with the disgraced financier. And the latest is Chelsea Handler.

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Since the Jeffrey Epstein scandal kicked off in 2019...


Dozens of celebrities have have come forward to share their experiences with him.

Chelsea Handler has since revealed she once attended a Jeffrey Epstein dinner party...


And it included an unusual list of guests...

So... where did it all begin?

Jeffrey Epstein, born in New York City in 1953, made a name for himself with elite investment bank Bear Stearns, before founding his own investment firm. But now he's far better known for different reasons.

He is now known as a convicted sex offender.

Epstein was first convicted for a range of sex crimes in 2005, when he pleaded guilty to molesting an underage girl.

Epstein's crimes were far-reaching and varied.

But, by 2008, he has been convicted for running an underage prostitution ring connected to a number of high powered individuals. Epstein served just thirteen months for this conviction.

But this wasn't the end of his legal troubles.

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On July 6th 2019, Epstein was arrested again for sex trafficking of minors in the states of Florida and New York, and was held awaiting trial in a New York prison.

Many were looking forward to justice being served.

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Epstein had managed to get away with his criminal acts for the majority of his life, most likely a result of his money and social clout.

For his victims, there was finally hope of justice being done.

And many believed his conviction could uncover other high profile and wealthy sex offenders.

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Epstein has numerous friends in high places, and one of those friends was in one of the highest places possible - the Oval Office.

Epstein had a long friendship with Donald Trump, and his convictions for these horrific crimes have not reflected well on the former president.

The Netflix docu-series, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, that was released earlier last year catapulted the whole thing into the spotlight.

The documentary gave several of Epstein's victims a platform they had never had before and they each detailed similar, yet horrifying tales of being sexually assaulted and raped while giving Epstein and his friends "massages."

Many huge names were yet again thrown under the bus...

And the heat was seriously turned up on Epstein's former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, who was the one who trafficked and groomed most of the young girls who were abused by the predator.

So, understandably, people were delighted when the news broke of her arrest last July.

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It was reported that Maxwell had finally been arrested by the FBI in New Hampshire at around 8:30 am on the 6th of July.

The British socialite was taken straight into custody...

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And she was described as a flight risk during the hearing, so was therefore ordered to remain in custody while she was transferred to New York for a detention hearing.

Maxwell was formally charged with 6 counts:

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Conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, enticement of a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, and 2 counts of perjury, according to the indictment.

She was also charged for repeatedly lying about her involvement in the trafficking ring during a 2016 deposition.

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This was a huge development in the fight for justice and, if found guilty, Maxwell could be facing thirty-five-years behind bars.

But it didn't take long for Maxwell to plead as not guilty.

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At a hearing via video link, the disgraced socialite remained valiant in her innocence by pleading not guilty. However, she was still denied bail as US federal prosecutors said that she is an "extreme" flight risk and should remain in custody, as per the BBC.

Other people involved with Epstein included political figures such as Bill Clinton...

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And, even more controversially, Prince Andrew from the British royal family.

Of course, all of Epstein's high-profile friends have denied any involvement in this scandal, but people aren't too convinced.

Epstein often entertained the rich and powerful...

And Chelsea Handler has revealed she once attended a pretty strange dinner party that Epstein hosted...

During her appearance on Literally! With Rob Lowe, she recalled a "weird" moment that happened...

"I did go to dinner at Jeffrey Epstein's house. I didn't know who Jeffrey Epstein was. It was like twenty -- I don't know what year it was but it was a long time ago. I went with Katie Couric. Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn were there. Charlie Rose was there."

"I was at that dinner party, but not for very long," she continued.

"When we got there I was like, 'What is this gathering?' Oh yeah, Prince Andrew was there with -- no, with no one. He was there with Jeffrey Epstein.

"Yeah, we had dinner and it was so awkward and so weird. I was like what are we doing here? And then I asked Woody Allen how he and Soon Yi met and that was when I left.

"Wait a minute," Lowe said. "You asked Woody Allen how he and Soon Yi met?"

"At that point of the night, I was like, 'This is such a ridiculous dinner party, who are these people?'" Handler replied, explaining he was sat next to her.

"I really was curious. I had forgotten for a moment and so I asked them what I would ask any other couple. But as it came out of my mouth I knew that it was too late and I was like, 'Oh.'

"And he loved it, and Soon Yi, I don't think she heard it and Katie looked at me and was like, 'Let's go.'" Handler said with a laugh.

"I love social faux pas stories," Lowe responded. "That's a great one."

"But could you consider that a faux pas?" Handler replied. "I'm not being rude, they are -- by marrying your stepchild. Like, that's rude. So I don't even consider it a faux pas."

Handler made it clear this was the only time she ever met Epstein...

"I've never been on the private island and I've never been on his plane. I've met him one time and that was the time."

Lowe followed up by asking, "That was a star-studded moment, wasn't it?"

"Yes it was," she answered. "It was very confusing."

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