Disclaimer: This article contains footage that some may find upsetting.

The Chicago cop who fatally shot thirteen-year-old Adam Toledo has been listed as a "victim" in a recent police report...

And as many would imagine, people are simply furious.


Here's the full story...

Now, in the early hours of March 29th, thirteen-year-old Adam Toledo was chased by police officers who were responding to reports of gunfire in Chicago's West Side...

And the young teenager ended up being shot and killed almost immediately when officers caught up to him down a deserted dark street.

Prosecutors claimed that Adam was holding a gun when he ran down the alley as an officer called for him to stop and drop the weapon...


And when he refused, the officer was left with no choice but to shoot.

Police initially said the person "was pronounced deceased on the scene," but didn't specify the age of the person the officer had shot.


The police department later tweeted a photo of a gun allegedly recovered at the scene.

Shocking bodycam footage was released to the public shortly after Adam's tragic death.


In the moments before the shooting, Adam could be seen running away from the officer before eventually stopping and throwing his hands in the air.

The police officer makes a split-second decision that ended a child's life.


Toledo instantly obeyed the officer's shouted orders of "stop right now!", "hands, show me your hands. Drop it. Drop it," and "show me your f***ing hands."

However, despite putting his hands in the air with no weapon in sight, Adam was shot.


The footage shows him collapsing to the ground as the officer ran over, called for an ambulance, and began CPR with the help of another officer. "Stay with me," he could be heard saying to Adam more than once.

Sadly, Adam could not be saved and died at the scene.

The gun Adam was armed with was found on the other side of the fence where he died...

YouTube / ABC 7 Chicago

But the teenager clearly wasn't intending on using it to harm the officers.

Adeena Weiss Ortiz, a lawyer representing the Toledo family, said at a news conference on Thursday that the video shows that Adam was attempting to comply with the officer's orders.


"He tossed the gun," she said. "If he had a gun, he tossed it. The officer said, 'Show me your hands.' He complied. He turned around."

People have not only just been mourning Adam's untimely death...

But they've also been demanding justice and for police departments here in the United States to start taking responsibility for all of the unnecessary deaths they cause - especially within Black and Latino communities.

And right now, the heat has been turned upon the police officer responsible...

Officer Eric Stillman, who is currently on administrative leave.

And now, Chicago PD has just announced that Officer Stillman is being listed as a victim.


Yes, you read that correctly - the man who shot dead a teenage boy who put his hands up and surrendered is the victim in this terrible scenario.


​As per Insider, the thirty-four-year-old cop is a victim of an aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer.


In the tactical response report released by the police watchdog agency, it was also stated that Adam had been armed with a semi-automatic pistol, which was "displayed, not used" during the deadly encounter.

Tom Nolan, an expert on law enforcement who once worked with the Boston Police Department, told Insider:


"Listing the cop as the victim in the report is a long-used and hackneyed police trope to recast the focus of culpability and blame onto the actual victim of the police deadly force incident, i.e. the person who the police killed."

He added:


"Thus the victim, in this case, the unarmed dead child who is shot and killed by police becomes the 'perpetrator' and the police officer shooter, the killer, assumes the posture and pose of 'victim'. It's an old cop trick meant to muddy the murky waters and is often used in the aftermath of what we cops call a 'bad shoot'."

Alfred Titus, who worked at the New York Police Department for twenty-three years as a homicide detective, then told Insider that listing the cop as the victim is "not common" unless "there were actually shots fired."


"It is done in a time where law enforcement wants to try to be cleared of a controversial issue, or they want to try to gain more of the sympathy or, you know, more of a view that they are the victim themselves and not the state or not that the guy just had the gun in his hand," he explained.

"It just brings more emotion into the case on the side of the law enforcement agency and the police officer. So that is possibly why it was done this time. Absolutely possible."

You can witness the shocking bodycam footage of Adam's death here.

Rest in Peace.