The City of Chicago has triggered controversy this week after paving over a rainbow crosswalk immediately after Pride month came to an end.

A Twitter user going by the name @anxious_e posted a side-by-side picture of the crosswalk, situated outside City Hall on North LaSalle Street.

"Chicago unveiled a new rainbow crosswalk on June 3rd and then tarred over it on June 30th in the middle of the night lmao," they stated in the caption above the before and after picture.

Their tweet sparked anger among other Twitter users and it has now reached over 30,000 retweets and almost 230,000 likes.

One Twitter user said: "It's almost like they're saying 'Ok you gays, this pride month nonsense is over, that's the only reason we're even doing this'."

Another person pointed out that Atlanta already has a permanent pride crosswalk in place at an extremely busy civic intersection, stating that: "ATL has had rainbow crosswalks for over 5 years now... them removing the rainbow crosswalk has nothing to do with safety let's be real."

While another person added: "Is anybody realizing that they spent money, effort, and resources, to do this? Instead of letting them fade away like every other crosswalk and street line in a city? Like...this was a TASK."

"I'd argue the color striping is more noticeable and more intuitive as a crosswalk than the white blocks anyway."

But someone did argue that "a rainbow is no crosswalk and people from anywhere else, not knowing that this particular rainbow is supposed to be a crosswalk, will not stop for a rainbow. This becoming a safety and legal issue sooner or later."

A second person then commented that the repaving wasn't as sneaky as many people on Twitter believed it to be, stating that: "There wasn't any pink on the original flag. That pink is spray paint just to mark the indication border in order to make it compliant with the marking regulations (without the markings the crossing isn't identifiable as a crossing without prior knowledge)."

This comment came after someone had noted that "you can tell they rushed just to cover it from the leftover pink...not this."

Another person jokingly said: "Me plowing over a family of four in my Ford Focus because I didn't realize that the thing that looks exactly like a crosswalk but there's a rainbow in the middle was a crosswalk."

Some have also taken the issue to the Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, although the politician is yet to respond to the situation at hand.

The fifty-sixth Mayor of Chicago also posted a tweet at the end of Pride:

"Happy pride, everyone!"

Do you think it's been covered up purely for safety reasons or do you think it's as offensive as Twitter is making out?