Toddler Dies After Being Found In Laundry Machine | 22 Words

Parents of a toddler have been left distraught after the child was found unresponsive in their laundry machine.

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‚ÄčIt's every parent's worst nightmare...


Having a child is something incredibly precious - but it's also a huge commitment that comes with countless problems and challenges.

And it can be very easy for things to go wrong.


But heartbreakingly, in this story, things went just about as tragic as they ever could.

A child's safety is always parent's top priority...


But no matter how diligent you are, accidents happen.

And while you might not be able to watch them at all times...

Teaching your child about the dangers of appliances around the home is essential.

As parents in New Zealand tragically learned after discovering the worst had happened to their child...


And people are heartbroken for the family...

The toddler died after getting stuck in a laundry machine that had been switched on...


They were found unresponsive inside.

The incident was reported at Hoon Hay in New Zealand, at 5 pm on Friday.


Police said: "One person was injured and taken to hospital where they later died.

"Police are making inquiries into the circumstances of the death and the coroner has been informed."

Star News reports that chairwoman Karolyn Potter from the Community Board said the residents are "resilient and would rally around the family."


She said: "This is a sadness that's beyond talking about."

Spreydon ward councillor Dr Melanie Coker said she found out about the "absolutely heartbreaking" incident after seeing media reports. She sent her condolences to the family.


It has been reported that the child's death is not being treated as suspicious by police.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, reports there have been at least 3 related deaths of children aged 5 and below since 2014.


Our thoughts go out to the family.

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