Child Dies in Accident Involving Peloton Treadmill | 22 Words

Peolton has confirmed that a child has died in an "incident" involving one of their treadmills.

Here's the full story...

Now, this has come as a huge shock to many of Peloton's customers.


Because, usually, the company is known for offering some of the most prestigious exercise equipment and products on the market, with bikes priced at more than $2,000.

As per their website, "Peloton uses technology and design to connect the world through fitness..."


"Empowering people to be the best version of themselves anywhere, anytime."

And, despite their expensive price tags, Peloton's stationary bikes and treadmills have been hugely popular during the coronavirus pandemic...


With most gyms closed and people social distancing at home.

It's been a wildly successful year for the New York-born company.


They reported that its revenue increased sixty-six percent year over year in the first 3 months of 2020.

However, with their ups, they've certainly had their downs.


Who remembers their "sexist" Christmas commercial in 2019?

The ad, which had been viewed more than a million times on YouTube before it was swiftly removed, saw a woman receive an exercise bike for Christmas from her husband.

She was then shown recording all of her workouts over the following year in a vlog and presenting them to him as a way of saying thank you.

Some people complained that it was sexist for a man to give his wife an exercise bike for Christmas...

As it suggested he wanted her to lose weight.

Peloton responded by insisting that the advertisement was meant to celebrate a "fitness and wellness journey."


"While we're disappointed in how some have misinterpreted this commercial, we are encouraged by - and grateful for - the outpouring of support we've received from those who understand what we were trying to communicate," they said in a statement.

But this week, the company has become entangled in a much more serious matter.


It has been confirmed that a child has died as a result of a Peloton treadmill.

Now, this isn't the first time a child has been gravely injured at the hands of their products.


According to Bloomberg, a report filed last month in February mentions a separate incident with a Tread+ treadmill where a 3-year-old boy suffered a "significant brain injury."

The report states the child had "tread marks on his back," a neck injury, and facial injuries.


That report was updated with a note from Peloton on March 17th, saying the company had been told the child would "fully recover."

But on the latest occasion, the child tragically didn't recover.

Peloton CEO John Foley announced the tragic news in a note posted to the company website on Thursday.

He wrote this:


"I'm reaching out to you today because I recently learned about a tragic accident involving a child and the Tread+, resulting in, unthinkably, a death," Foley wrote.

The statement continued:


"While we are aware of only a small handful of incidents involving the Tread+ where children have been hurt, each one is devastating to all of us at Peloton, and our hearts go out to the families involved."

He then stressed that children should always stay away from the machines.


"We design and build all of our products with safety in mind. But in order to help ensure that you and your family members stay safe with Peloton products in your home, we need your help."

"Keep children and pets away from Peloton exercise equipment at all times."


"Before you begin a workout, double check to make sure that the space around your Peloton exercise equipment is clear."

Peloton declined to provide further details about the child...


Or the "handful of previous incidents" Foley referenced.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has since confirmed that it is investigating the incident.


Peloton, meanwhile, is "currently assessing ways to reinforce our warnings about these critical safety precautions to hopefully prevent future accidents."

The identity of the child is yet to be released.


Our thoughts go out to all those affected during this unthinkable time.

Make sure to stay posted for further updates.