Raising a healthy, happy child might seem insurmountable, but people have been managing it since time began. It's the most natural thing in the world. The difficulty is that now we are learning an increasing amount about what does and what doesn't work, and it can make the task feel even more daunting.

In a world of too much information, this is one super simple thing that you can do to prevent some pretty catastrophic consequences.

Just remember that we are always getting better than we once were.

These days, the world seems full of things that children can't do.

As the internet allows us to look up an endless stream of information, facts and opinions, it can seem difficult to know what your child is actually allowed to do. This leads a lot of people to hark back to the past.

The world used to be a much simpler place.

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Children were seen and not heard. They knew their place. Children listened to their parents and would eat what they were given. We've all heard the phrases. But there were some other sides to that life too.

Children were separated from their parents.

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During World War II, children that lived in cities in England were evacuated out to the countryside, while their parents stayed in the war-torn cities. This must have been an incredibly difficult situation for them, but people don't talk about the long-term mental damage that it will have caused. People just got on with it, because it was necessary to do so.

Of course, further back, it used to be very different.

In the Victorian era, children used to have to work in factories or as servants or chimney-sweeps. They had to do the jobs that adults were too big for.

This was really dangerous.

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Children that worked cleaning the machines in the factories used to get their fingers or hair stuck in the machinery. This wasn't good even back then.

Imagine the health issues from working as a chimney sweep.

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These days, we don't want children to come into contact with any sort of smoke, and rightly so. As pollution levels continue to rise, we need children to breathe the cleanest air possible. But it must have been terrible for children's health to be working inside an actual chimney.

People often say that it was different back in their day.

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Okay, yes, it was different, but that doesn't mean that it was better.

Boys will be boys.

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Raising the children of the world in two categories has not been a good idea. There is no reason that we should think that boys enjoy and are capable of one thing, while girls are the opposite.

We don't go hunting any more...

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Back in the Stone Age, men were stronger and would go hunting, while women would gather berries and other food stuffs while looking after the children. But now it's different.

We live in the future.

These days, machinery does most of the heavy-duty work. Plus, we have social systems that allow men and women to take equal maternity and paternity leave, nurseries and childminders to look after kids, and men and women are equally capable of firing a bullet (despite the statistics that show that men should be trusted far less with firearms).

Girls and boys should be treated equally.

Girls can like tractors, Lego, spaceships and racing cars. Boys can like dolls, dressing-up, and playing with a toy kitchen. Girls can grow up to enjoy maths and science. Boys can grow up to enjoy reading and painting.

But it was different in the past.

Men don't feel like they can cry or share their feelings. Women don't feel like they can speak out or that they deserve a position of power. This is because of what we used to do in the past. Hopefully, this will change for the next generation. Change is often a really positive motion.

We used to eat special kids' meals.

We used to think that kids should eat fried food and pizzas, because they're young and don't like vegetables. Who doesn't remember getting potato smileys and fish fingers, while the adults eat a proper meal?

Now we know the benefits of healthy living.

These days, an increasing number of parents are limiting the amount of sugar that their children eat. It really is something to look out for, especially in food that is branded as healthier, like fun breakfast cereals.

The dangers of sugar.

Many people have reported that once their children start eating considerably less sugar, they stop getting as many common colds, they sleep better, and they have more energy. That's aside from the fact that they stop craving junk food, have better skin and have healthier bodies. Now we have another fix, and it's a really simple one with great benefits.

How bad is TV for a child's health?

We hear that too much time in front of the TV is bad for kids. Children's brains are incredibly malleable and they are learning all the time. Watching nonsense TV on repeat means that they are soaking up drivel, but the TV can also help with a lot of things.

It's about what they are watching.

Some TV shows are educational. A lot of shows can teach about different cultures and about treating people nicely. Just look at the impact Peppa Pig has had on kids across America. They are even starting to pick up British accents! While this might seem silly, it is always good to learn about the rest of the world.

Everything in moderation.

The other side of this is that it's not good to spend too much time doing any one thing. Children need to learn how to read, write and draw. They need to learn how to interact with other children and play nicely. They need to be active and to work off all their energy.

Is there anything that you wish your parents had made you learn when you were young?

When children are young and learning, it's the perfect time for them to learn new skills and hobbies. Whether it is learning a new language, playing an instrument, or taking up a sport, this is the time for children to start to really develop skills that will become invaluable later in life.

Old habits die hard.

Childhood is also the time wherein we develop a lot of the habits that will stay with us throughout our lives. There can be a lot for a parent to look out for: biting nails, dragging feet, eating hair, picking noses, and cracking knuckles. There's always something, so it's no wonder that some things slip through the cracks.

You need to watch out for this.

But now there's something else that you need to really make sure your child isn't doing. It's all about how they sit.

The floor is a child's favorite seat.

Children spend a lot of time sitting on the floor. They’ve got cushiony bums and little legs, so chairs usually seem a bit pointless. Plus, they often just plop themselves down wherever they are, so the floor is usually where kiddos end up. But you need to check how they are sitting on the floor.

It's called the "W" position.

It's where they sit with their knees together, and their feet back towards their bum. It's a bit like they are sat on their knees, but their legs go out to the side, rather than underneath them.

Do you remember sitting like that?

It's a very popular position amongst children, although adults can rarely bend into that position. But the Pediatric Development Center is saying that we need to stop children past their second birthday from sitting like that immediately.

It's causing far more damage than we realized.

The center says that it can cause children to not properly develop their core strength or balance. This can impact the skills that they need to jump and run.

It can also cause the muscles to be too tight.

If the muscles are too tight in the legs, hips, or ankles, it can lead to children walking "pigeon-toed", with their toes turned inwards. In extreme cases, it can even lead to hip dislocations.

Some people are skeptical.

After hearing that this was bad for children, a lot of people came forward to say that they used to do it and they haven't had any problems. People are saying that they don't have any issues and feel strong and healthy. That could well be the case. The doctors aren’t saying that sitting in the "W" position will definitely cause these issues, just that it could. And it is preventable.

Just because we used to do it, doesn't mean we should.

In fact, we could even go so far as to say that most people remember sitting like that, but that doesn't mean that it's right. Most people used to smoke, but now we know that it's really bad for you.

It's a simple thing to fix.

Instead of letting your child sit like that, even if they find it comfortable, teach them a new way of sitting. Ask them to sit cross-legged, or with their legs out in front. It might not feel natural at the beginning, but as we have discussed, children are malleable. They can learn new habits which will prevent issues in the future.

There's no harm in trying.

The world is becoming a different place, and for the most part, it is improving. We're learning more each year and everyone is becoming smarter and healthier. Change is a good thing; it allows us to improve. So we might as well keep up with the trends that are making people across the world healthier too. There's no point making your child the only caveman amongst a sea of healthy people of the future.