Author Bringing Child up Without Gender Accused of Abuse | 22 Words

An author has been bombarded with criticism and has been accused of "child abuse" after she opened up about bringing up her child without a gender.

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Now, we're living in an era of gender fluidity.


Long gone are the days where there were simply 2 genders because now, people can identify with up to 100 different genders or no gender at all.

More and more people are identifying as gender neutral...


Or "non-binary", in other terms.

Just to break it down for you...

People use the term “non-binary" to describe genders that don’t fall into 1 of the 2 more traditional categories of male or female.

It can be a confusing concept to get your head around...

While some non-binary individuals identify as either having a gender that is in-between the 2 categories "man" and "woman", others can fluctuate by having no gender at all - either permanently or some of the time.

But how far is too far?

While people are completely free to identify how they wish, there are some who take the whole gender argument a little further than others.

And this certainly includes parents who decide to raise their children without a gender.


Of course, how a parent raises their children is nobody's business but their own - but, recently, the aspect of raising a child without a gender hasn't sat well with many.

And one author's decision to raise her child without a gender has caused a lot of controversy.

Dr. Kyl Myers, who is originally from Salt Lake City but now lives in Australia with her husband Brent, is a "genderqueer" woman and a best-selling author.

Dr. Kyl is the proud mom to her 4-year-old, Zoomer...

And she and Brent have always been very open about how they have pursued "gender creative parenting" while raising their child together.

She previously explained, "We didn't assign a binary girl-or-boy gender to our child, Zoomer, at birth; we don't disclose Zoomer's genitals to people who don't need to know."

She and Brent regularly conducted "pronoun checks" with Zoomer as he grew up, asking their little one which titles best fit their fancy...

And when Zoomer turned 4-years-old last year, they announced that they love "he/him" - meaning Zoomer has decided that they want to identify as a boy.

Although Zoomer appears to have a very happy and healthy childhood...

So many people don't see this and have been slamming Dr. Kyl and Brent for inflicting "abuse" upon their child.

Although some people don't see Kyl's parenting as abuse...


They feel that Zoomer is way too young to be declared as gender neutral and that if he wants to decide his own gender, he should be a lot older.

The abuse accelerated when Dr. Kyl published her book, Raising Them: Our Adventure in Gender Creative Parenting.

In her book, she wrote that she did not prescribe her child a gender in an effort to abolish sexist stereotypes that children are inundated with at birth.

She insisted that their parenting methods have not "confused" Zoomer, but have instead given him a more "nuanced understanding of sex and gender than a lot of adults."

Dr. Kyl recently revealed that many people who are initially uncertain about the concept become supporters of the movement once they understand the reasons behind gender creative parenting.

She explained her belief is that gender is the decision of an individual, rather than something that's assigned at birth, and also how her decision was strongly based on the "lifelong repercussions" of how people treat boys and girls differently.

So when it comes to the abuse she has been receiving for her parenting, it was quite a big blow.

​"I've received hundreds of messages and comments on Instagram and e-mails from people I don't know, telling me my child should be taken away from me," she wrote in lifestyle outlet MamaMia.

But instead of letting the abuse and threats get to her, Dr. Kyl has instead explained further why she has allowed Zoomer to pick their own gender and pronouns.

"Many people treat boys and girls very differently, and that treatment has lifelong repercussions. For example, boys' emotions are often stifled in childhood, which leads to men not knowing how to ask for mental health support. Girls are sexualized from a young age and if they are harassed or hit by a boy in school," she wrote.

"I can see how every single gender disparity in adulthood is linked to childhood gender socialization. By not assigning a gender, and not disclosing Z's genitals, people couldn't tap into a gendered script and only offer Zoomer half of the world"

​Dr. Kyle simply doesn't want Zoomer to grow up having sexist stereotypes and oppressions being forced upon him...

And all she wants is the best for her child, which is what all of us parents can relate to.

What do you think?

Do you agree with Dr. Kyle's parenting methods? Or do you believe it is cruel and confusing for her young child?