Childfree Woman Furious After She’s ‘Forced’ To Hold a Friend’s Baby Against Her Wishes

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A woman, who made the decision to not have children, has taken to Reddit to ask if she was wrong to get annoyed after a friend “forced her” to hold her baby.

But as a post on the “Am I the A**hole (AITA)” subReddit illustrated, it’s hardly a unanimous outlook.

The woman, whose user name is throw_me_awaybaby on the site, titled her post: “AITA for not wanting to hold a baby?”

She kicked off her story by introducing the people who were involved…

“I [thirty-five-year-old female] met my husband, Charles [forty-year-old male], 5 years ago. He has been friends with Kayla [female in her thirties] since they were in high school. Her and her husband, Alan [male in his forties], had their first baby last year.”

Then, she opened up and gave some personal info about her situation…

“Hubs and I are childfree, though he’s pretty good with kids while I’m more awkward around them. I am also an introvert and socially awkward as well. They know this. We were invited over to meet the new baby Addie last month with a few other friends.”

And straight away, things got really interesting…

“We get there and say our hellos. Hubs go to get us drinks and Kayla brings over Addie to me and asks if I would like to hold her. Before I can even finish saying no thank you, she has shoved her baby into my arms. My face apparently showed my annoyance and surprise, because she started laughing and goes, ‘Oh wow you look like a shocked pickachu!'”

Obviously, the woman wasn’t laughing.

“I tried to hand Addie back to her, but she backed away still laughing and calls for our husbands to come over. Everyone is now looking at me and I’m so embarrassed. I try again to hand back her baby. AND SHE WON’T TAKE HER! So I take Addie and put her in the playpen thing and walk out the door.”

And it didn’t stop there…

“Hubby followed me out to the car and asked if I was alright. I told him I just want to go home. Kayla and Alan follow us outside. Tells me ‘she’s just a baby,’ ‘Why won’t you hold her,’ ‘it was just a joke.'”

“I don’t respond because I know I won’t be able to hold in my feelings so I just got in the car. Charles is telling her to stop and Alan isn’t saying anything.”

But then, things escalated even further…

“Hubby says he’ll call her in a couple of days and gets in the car. As we’re pulling away Kayla yells that I didn’t have to be such a b**ch about it and ruin the party. She has called all their mutual friends saying I’m a horrible person who hates children and I ruined the first party since covid and having a baby. A couple of people from the party are on her side saying I’m an AH but others are saying it’s on her because she put me in that situation.


Redditors were quick to explain that she wasn’t the a**hole at all…

One user said: “They forced you to hold the baby, and then when they saw you were not comfortable holding the kid instead of taking it back they chose to mock you and make you into a spectacle – they are the asshats here not you.”

While another pointed out: “There is a lot of pressure for women to automatically be baby crazy. If you don’t want to play with a baby, hold the baby, have the baby, you get grief. (And I love babies and am absolutely baby crazy and will hold any baby at any time.)”

“Sounds like Kayla assumed you would be into holding the baby because you are a female and then instead of just taking the baby back, doubled down to embarrass you. Walking out may have been a bit much but you were obviously embarrassed, put on the spot, and mocked. Understandable.”

A third commented, adding: “P.S. If this ruins a twenty-year friendship, it wasn’t much of a friendship.”

What do you think, was she in the wrong?