China Harvesting Thousands of Human Organs From Its Uighur Muslim Minority

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The widespread persecution of minority groups around the world still continues to occur on a daily basis but the voices that stand against this oppression seem to be getting quieter and quieter. And that’s because governments around the world make sure to do their part in concealing all the illegal activities surrounding the issue.

The cruel treatment of the Uighur Muslims in China has been going on for years now, but it seems as if the world purposefully wants to avoid getting their hands dirty in condemning the Chinese government.

“You don’t know what they’re capable of.” Oh, but we do. They’ve managed to trap thousands and thousands of Uighurs in what they like to call “detention facilities,” which is a sugar-coated version of modern concentration camps. And things have only just got worse…

You don’t believe me? Keep reading, I’ll take you through the entire story.

And now things have gone from alarming to worse.

Even though this has been going on for over three years now, the media chooses to ignore it due to the fact that China is known for its callousness when it comes to targeting those who stand against them. So, I can’t really blame any of you for not knowing. They’ve done a good job of concealing all their illegal activities.

The Uighurs are an ethnic minority group that make up forty-five percent of the population of the northwestern Chinese region of Xinjiang. They are all primarily from the Islamic faith but it does vary.

In order to do this, they have set up detention facilities in which they “re-educate” the Uighurs which has resulted in the separation of families as well as the ethnic cleansing of the group.

They have been described as the modern equivalent of concentration camps. Horror stories from detainees have sparked the United Nations to get involved in this growing issue.

The committee at the time had stated that they had enough credible evidence to prove that almost 1 million Uighur Muslims had been detained and tortured in the most barbaric ways. One woman – who’s details have been withheld from the public due to personal saftey reasons – testified in front of a jury, giving them further evidence of the callous ways she had been pried for information.

The biggest problem for Chinese authorities seems to be the fact that all these Uighurs identify as Muslims. Even though no one from the group had given them any signs that they should be worried, they continued to capture and detain the members of the community in a nationwide crackdown on minorities.

Reports from the camp have mentioned that detainees are forced to eat pork, drink alcohol – two prominent aspects that are forbidden in Islam. Why? Because pork is considered too hard to clean so it is at a good standard for human consumption and alcohol acts as a distraction and a blame tool for people to act recklessly. But the Chinese government doesn’t care about respecting people’s lifestyle choices. Of course, they don’t.

The land in which this group resides is rich in minerals and other beneficial qualities that the government wants to maintain as their own. Because the land also borders a part of Turkey (which is also filled with Turk-Chinese Muslims) there is a competition of who actually owns the area.

China can claim it to be theirs.

So they can be sent to these camps. And Egypt is just one of the countries that have fully complied by announcing they will be deporting all Uighurs back to their homeland. At a time when cellphones are a big part of society, the Uighurs don’t have the freedom to use theirs as they wish. This is because the authorities have installed spyware devices in all forms of technology, which means they can monitor the group’s every move.

Well, it’s not. Snap out of it. Just across the Pacific Ocean, someone your age is living the life of a prisoner just because they have chosen to exist. Let that sink in.

The UN Human Rights Council heard reports that China is engaged in the widespread harvesting of human organs from persecuted religious and ethnic minorities. According to Business Insider, on Tuesday, The China Tribunal, an Australian-backed non-profit organization made the accusation at the council’s meeting in Switzerland.

He said: “Forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience, including the religious minorities of Falun Gong and Uighurs, has been committed for years throughout China on a significant scale.”

They were “cut open while still alive for their kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs, cornea, and skin to be removed and turned into commodities for sale.” I can’t even bring myself to believe that this is true. But judging by the way the Chinese government is already going, I wouldn’t put it past them.

The information was monitored over a period of time and the participants of this report made sure to identify patterns in the medical rates in China to back-up their claims. They said that they had determined that there was a distinct correlation between how many Uighurs and other minority groups had been persecuted and the wait times in Chinese hospitals for organ transplants.

“Victim for victim and death for death, cutting out the hearts and other organs from living, blameless, harmless, peaceable people constitutes one of the worst mass atrocities of this century.”

Reuters metioned that China has insisted that it “stopped using organs from executed prisoners in 2015.” But the lawyer at the UN meeting concluded that China should be held accountable for their actions and not only for “the possible charge of genocide but also in regard to crimes against humanity.”

Remember when the Jews in Europe had been detained in concentration camps in an effort to wipe them out completely? Or have we forgotten that the Holocaust even happened just because we weren’t there to witness it?

Use your voice. Raise awareness. Share this article. Let the world know that we will not stand for this kind of barbaric behavior. Together, we can end the persecution of the Uighurs.