China’s New ‘Karma’s a B*tch’ Meme Proves the Internet Is Actually Still a Fun Place

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Have you ever had this experience? You’re dating somebody and then – WHAM! – out the blue, they tell you they’re done. You’ve gained weight, they say, or you just aren’t what you used to be. Everything is “you this,” and “you that.”

So you spend the next few weeks dejected – moping around, crying and being a general mess.

Finally, you can’t stand the misery anymore, so you go to the gym. (Or a therapist, or your mom, for that good down-South cooking)


Before you know it, you’re losing weight, your mental health is better, you’re making new friends (or romantic interests). Then along comes your old flame, all shocked at how good you look, how happy you seem. So you look them in the eye, and you tell them – karma’s a b*tch.

At least, that’s what we assume is happening in this thread of selfie challenges that began appearing across our timelines this week.

The conceit is simple – post a video of you looking decidedly not glamorous while lip syncing the line “karma is a b*tch”, whip a scarf in the air, and then, by the time it falls, cut to you, looking glam as all hell.

— kassy (@kassy) 1516981268.0

The challenge, which originates from users on the Chinese video app Dou Yin, was inspired by the episode “Death Proof” from the popular drama, Riverdale. 

During the episode, Veronica, one of the main characters, utters the fateful words “karma’s a b*tch” after hearing of a tragic car accident.

In January of 2018, users began posting videos of themselves before and after transformation, each one looking more glamorous than the next. For instance, this guy seems like a nerd, right?

— kassy (@kassy) 1516981307.0

Or this girl, total Plain Jane, yes? Not someone to look at twice in her cute little onesie, right?

— kassy (@kassy) 1516981295.0

This one is a bit of a fake-out because she’s wearing grandma makeup. She looks stunning after the cut, nonetheless.  

— kassy (@kassy) 1516981318.0

This guy took the hotness to another level when he even changed his hair color. His darned hair color! How level up is that? It’s an in-camera trick, but still.

— kassy (@kassy) 1516981363.0

The crown, however, has to go to this guy for not only looking purely ratchet beforehand, but taking hotness back to ancient times after the cut. Karma’s a b*tch, ain’t it?

— Kassy Cho (@kassyapple) January 26, 2018