Influencer Says Chinese TV Show Used a Picture of She and Her Boyfriend but Replaced Her Face

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An influencer has recently claimed that a Chinese TV show used a picture of her and her boyfriend but replaced her with another woman…

Rianne Meijer, an influencer from the Netherlands, recently exposed a Chinese drama titled Summer Again after they used one of her photos without her permission.

In a hilarious video posted to Tik Tok, Meijer posted clips from the show, including the screenshot of the photo that was snatched from her Instagram account.

The photo was taken in Vitznau, Switzerland and posted to her account back in 2019.

It shows Meijer and her boyfriend, Roy Atiya posing in front of a pretty sunset.

But in Summer Again, the Dutch influencer has been photoshopped and replaced by an actress from the show, who is posing in the exact way that Meijer was in the photograph.

“The internet is a funny place,” Meijer wrote in the video caption.

The Tik Tok video has since been viewed 4 million times and has recieved over 667.8 likes.

Not only that, but it has also received over 10 thousand comments, with many calling for Meijer to gain some compensation for the inclusion of her personal photograph.

“Get your money sis,” one person said.

“Girl that’s illegal. You have to file a case because they [used] your picture without [your] permission,” another added.

But thankfully, there have been no hard feelings involved.

In an update under the video, Meijer explained that the crew sent her an apology for taking her photo.

“Update: the crew of the show [sent] an apology this morning and honestly; ALL GOOD. They are so sweet and gave us a good laugh,” she wrote alongside a heart-shaped emoji.

You have to admit, it is pretty funny, right?